Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

kwen197 | 27. November 2015

eldetic: Silver 85D + Silver hair, was 81 when I took delivery in March.

Linus | 27. November 2015


emuanda | 27. November 2015

Ordered for my 30th bday. I take delivery on Dec. 2nd

mindone | 27. November 2015

Ahhh 73 here

niunio | 28. November 2015

I will still be 59 when I get my 85D in Feb, 2016

fi488249 | 28. November 2015

So who's going to add up all these ages and figure out the average?? :-)

tes-s | 28. November 2015


70D-Tesla | 28. November 2015

34 here. Taking delivery soon.

bryand | 28. November 2015

My average age is 35 but I'm actually 64.

TSLA4Tesla | 28. November 2015

Just turned 50 but I should say this car is more for an 8 old Tesla enthusiast, Arian, my son. Looking at his craze for Tesla we made a deal and we completed project #TSLA4Tesla. So for this thread,I think the real owner is 8 years old!

Solarwind | 28. November 2015

72 but wife who is a few months older says I am 12 behind the wheel of silver P85D, Bucket list. It has gotten worst since 7.0. "Get your G-- da- hand on the wheel you stupid S O B"

paulfgoode | 28. November 2015

I'm 60 and waiting on my upgrade to 90D. Bought model 60 October 2013 at 58. No crisis here. Just a love for and supporter of break through technology that improves and challenges existing ones. My previous car was a Prius for the same reasons.

grimusford | 28. November 2015

42....Mid life crisis, motorcycle, sports car, affair ALL rolled up into ONE!!! The affair alone would have cost me half of everything right?

Dr. Pete | 28. November 2015

I would be more interested in the median age of Tesla owners than in the average age.

fi488249 | 28. November 2015

This is a really cool thread, it's nice to see such a wide range of ages enjoying the model s

docdac | 28. November 2015

58. Would have bought one at a younger age but they didn't exist! Also, couldn't afford one until this stage in my life. Regardless, I love the car X 3 years now!

raijin | 29. November 2015

41. Owner of a P85D

nick.harmer | 29. November 2015

I am forty fifteen!

dgjc06 | 29. November 2015

From a corolla to Model S 85 kw 2014 at 62. Foget diesel, hybrid, "vive l'auto électrique" Mon rêve depuis 10 ans et celui de mes petits-fils et amis maintenant !!!

weddings | 29. November 2015

we got ours last friday. aged 77

nickfontenot | 29. November 2015

Just turned 30! Decided it would be a nice present to build and order my dream car!

Copythat23 | 30. November 2015

27 here!

EK1 | 30. November 2015


Cbrinkley3160 | 30. November 2015


Steve S | 30. November 2015


mrporter6 | 30. November 2015

I am 75. I just finished a 10500 mile trip around the USA and this is the best car I have ever owned and I have owned Porsches and Mercedes in the past

kathuria.h | 30. November 2015

23 - Having Fun with it.

bob | 30. November 2015

75 and being confirmed today.

edwpaul | 30. November 2015

I'm 80 feel like 50, driving my 85D I feel like 35. Do I get a senior citizen prize?

asimplecomplex | 30. November 2015

34 years young!

Best part is people both young and old love the car!

So do I!

l.robinson | 30. November 2015

66. My wife still thinks I'm crazy to get it. took delivery Wed, 25 Nov.

Opa H | 30. November 2015

65th birthday present to myself. Ordered last week. Expected arrival...3rd week of January.

DAB | 01. Dezember 2015

Under 30

Haggy | 01. Dezember 2015

So who's going to add up all these ages and figure out the average?? :-)

In order to do so, it would make sense to adjust the age by .5, assuming that a person is on average halfway between birthdays. Then it would be a matter of accounting for the date of each post, adding on for the time since the post was made. Otherwise, there will be some dates that are off by a couple of years.

The problem is that we can't be sure that everybody who posted still owns a Model S. Assuming that the people here are a random sample, we could also assume that 97% either have the same car or upgraded to another Tesla. Among the other 3%, if we assume that the less enthusiastic also participate here, we'd have to consider that the average vehicle owner keeps a new car for five years. But I don't think we can go by that for Tesla owners, since the early posts are from early adopters who are also more likely to keep cars for a time span that's below average. I would contend that people who post here aren't as likely to be among the 3% though, since people who don't care enough about a car to keep it aren't likely to post about it. We also have to consider that the population of dissatisfied owners might be underrepresented and we can't assume that they have the same average age as the rest of the group. I also believe that the figure was 98% when the early posts were made.

Or were you just kidding and don't really want a precise average?

Bighorn | 01. Dezember 2015

BrianH used to keep track of averages

Haggy | 01. Dezember 2015

This is harder than I thought. Trying to read through the data with a computer program makes it hard to pick out the age. Statements such as the following are particularly tough:

"from a corolla to Model S 85 kw 2014 at 62." -- contains three numbers.
"66. My wife still thinks I'm crazy to get it. took delivery Wed, 25 Nov." -- contains two numbers.

"I am 75. I just finished a 10500 mile trip " -- contains two numbers.
"I'm 60 and waiting on my upgrade to 90D. Bought model 60 October 2013 at 58. " -- contains five numbers, two ages, one age that's the same as a model number.

Assuming I rule out anything over 100 and anything under 18, look at lines with 85 to see if the number follows the letter S, then I might be getting close. That is, until somebody says "I am forty fifteen!"

hoskme | 01. Dezember 2015

64. Expecting 90D in 3 weeks.

doniskd | 01. Dezember 2015

im 25)

irsalman | 01. Dezember 2015


rayalden17 | 01. Dezember 2015

This reminds me of Pres. Regan's famous comment: "I will not hold against my opponent his relative youth and inexperience".
I was 92 when I bought my Tesla; I'm 94 now. See ya around, kids!

TPilot | 01. Dezember 2015

@rayalden17 if that's true you're amazing and God bless you (again)

dj_the_blues_man | 02. Dezember 2015

45 when purchased

nydrix | 02. Dezember 2015

29 :) Delivery is planned friday :D

Mozap | 02. Dezember 2015

60. Taking delivery in 2 days!


Pack Mule | 02. Dezember 2015

36. I've had my 70D for a month. Woohoo!!

Mathew98 | 04. Dezember 2015

Congrats to all the owners to either end of the spectrum.

Just imagine the joy and great fortune to own such a marvelous ride at such young age. Remember, with great power comes great responsibilities.

It must be awesome to revitalize one's youth while driving this beast as a mature statesman as well. The question is how much younger do you feel behind the wheel? Anyone open to adopt a middle age son with a big mouth? I'm willing to race ya with my red Electra...

blee321 | 04. Dezember 2015


Ross1 | 06. Dezember 2015

I am very impressed with @rayalden.

94 years . So I have some questions:

Are you for real?

Like PD, do you change in a phone box, Superman?

Do you drive it yourself?

How are you with the modern electronics and computer bits? I ask because although I used to be the early adopter of early adopters, time and tech are passing me by. I take a moment or two to refocus from road to screen so am wondering if you have any coping secrets to share?

My wife prefers to operate anything she can reach rather than have me fumbling around and running off the road. I ran my F100 off the road once while fiddling with the knobs.

If you do drive yourself, do you have someone like that (turning off INSANE mode, adjusting the climate control et al.?

My thoughts at this stage are not to buy a Tesla because of the attention needed for the screen.
Maybe you can change my mind?

Ross1 | 06. Dezember 2015

Further to @rayalden: 94 years young.

My father's boss was 98 when he bought a new Jaguar/Daimler 2.5 sports saloon.

He had his driver/ chauffeur/ gardener take him out and open it up. "Let's see what she'll do Jack!"

1965 ish.

Ross1 | 06. Dezember 2015

I love numbers. Someone had to get post no. 1000 on this thread.

Did I?