Business idea of charging Teslas

Business idea of charging Teslas

Until the Supercharger network is complete, people with entrepreneurial spirit and in need of cash, could offer emergency charging.

As far as I am reading, you can use any outlet, anywhere.
People could put up signs and sell a few hours of charging for a certain fee.

Let's say, somebody still has 50 miles to the next supercharger, but the charge is low. They could stop and charge for a few hours to make sure they won't run out of power.

Let's say, 10 dollars per hour is nothing when you are worried about not being able to make it to the next station...

Just an idea....

davidg11 | 21. Juli 2013

Why not just go to a RV park with 50 amp service? RV parks are all over the country in the USA.

To go that 50 miles would only take around an hour and a half of charging.

GeekEV | 21. Juli 2013

How about a valet service at the superchargers? Think Tesla would mind?

elia b | 21. Juli 2013

The shared charging already exist at:

I think the dream business solution is for Tesla to team up with a retail company, like how one of the malls took them on to install charging stations. I just have not thought of the perfect match yet, I'm not sure what road side retail facility most Tesla owners would appreciate, probably not Denys, maybe In n Out for the west coast? I'm sure Tesla's biggest problem is finding real estate, liability, property rights, lease terms and etc. A host company would work great.

DHrivnak | 21. Juli 2013

$10/hour is quite steep. There are now over 6500 public charging stations (99.9% crippled at 30 amps) about half are free and the most I have ever paid is $1.50/hour. If you want to charge more than that you would need to offer at least 70 amp charging. That I would pay a premium for.

Panoz | 21. Juli 2013

Fast food restaurants aren't a good fit for EV charging stations. You're just not there long enough to get a useful charge. High-end restaurants and boutique shopping areas might be better.

EvaP | 21. Juli 2013

DHrivnak, I was talking about private citizens who want to make some money on the side. I think they should be paid enough for the inconvenience of letting somebody parking in their yard or garage for a few hours.