Button, Button

Button, Button

Still haven't pressed the 'Finalize' button - waiting for another test drive on Sunday.

However, another button has appeared above the picture of the car. It says "The order is registered in the name of a company." Then there is a box to input the name of a company and the words "VAT ID OVERRIDE"
Below that two buttons labelled 'Reject' and 'Approve' MY INVOICE

I'm not a company. My name, which we are registered with doesn't sound like a company.


kyleket | 25. Januar 2013

Dude, I'd call Tesla instead of using this "best guess" suggestion box.

hsadler | 25. Januar 2013


Thought maybe it was something someone had already seen and dealt with.

Will call when they wake up.

jchangyy | 25. Januar 2013

I've seen that before....every once in a while. I think it's a glitch.