buying in Europe Model S

buying in Europe Model S

Hello I am wondering what the pricing will do if i would buy a Model S here in Europe Benelux. I have seen the price in the US and now we also trade in the US and if the difference is to muck i think i buy the Tesla in the Us and ship if over with my orders from the US. no tax, no BPM so this would be worth the efoort. I heard around 100.000 Euro here and 38000 euro in the US. So this is to much of a change for me.

Who knows the correct price in Euro's for the model S.

Ishiwago | 25. September 2010

same here. i might want to ship the model S over to singapore as it might be cheaper than buying it off the local market (if they even ship it in in the first place). As what many have said in the forums the electric car doesnt require much maintenance, PLUS tesla has their own service rangers. so actually it is possible to buy it off another country's market with the cheaper price.

Sindre | 26. September 2010

I would check with Tesla about the warranty and any Service Rangers before I bought the car in the US and shipped it to your country. You might get warranty issues. I would also look at the different country markets here in Europe. Norway, Sweden, UK etc do not use Euros so the pricing will be different. I suggest comparing Roadster US and Europe prices to get a feel for the difference, I assume (I don't know) that the price differential will about the same for the Model S.


Ad van der Meer | 26. September 2010

Hello Dom-Per,

The price for Europe hasn't been communicated yet, but you can take the Roadster as a reference.

The Roadster has an starting price of $ 109´000. In the Netherlands (I assume you are a fellow Dutchman) the starting price is €84´000 excl. VAT (BTW), € 99´960 incl VAT.

When you translate that to dollars: € 112'560 and € 133'946

For the Model S that would mean: € 43'540 and € 51'813

Remember this is a starting price.

Using $1.34 = €1 currency rate

If you are buying the car as a private car it's quite a bit more expensive, yet there is nothing to gain by importing it yourself as you'd have to pay the VAT too.

However, should you buy it as a company car things change dramatically (if legislation doesn't change). First: you don't pay VAT, which makes the car only $ 3560,= more expensive. No road tax, no BPM (Dutch luxury tax on cars), up to and including 2014 no income tax influence (bijtelling) after that only 7%. You can write off 160% of the car (enviromental investement tax measure).

Easier yet, call Rogier Kroymans for a test drive in the Roadster +31 615 959 999 and let him calculate the entire picture for you.

If you don't intend to buy a Roadster and just the Model S, I do suggest you leave home your check book or enough change in your pocket to make a silly impulsive decision.

Ad van der Meer | 26. September 2010

When you translate that to dollars: € 112'560 and € 133'946

should be

When you translate that to dollars: $ 112'560 and $ 133'946

ChristianG | 28. September 2010

don't trust rumors. there seem to be even rumors that it will cost 100'000$ in the US too. As we saw with the roadster, it will be more expensive here in europe. But we have to wait to see how much.

HP | 30. September 2010

Would like to know WHEN Tesla is gone announce the price in US and Europe! Cannot wait to select colour, interior etc!