California rebates

California rebates

I got approved by the state 2 months ago and have not received my rebate yet. This was before funds ran out. Have others been receiving their rebates and if so how long has it been taking. Or is the state now holding out on us?

diegoaalvarez | 21. Juni 2013

I called to inquire about the status of my rebate (submitted a few weeks after you) and they told me that they had been flooded with applications in late spring and were slow to process checks (around 60 days).

I submitted in late May, and they said they still had funding at that point, so I assume you were funded as well.

SCCRENDO | 21. Juni 2013

Just called them. I was funded April 29 and apparently my check is going out today. So I will be watching my mailbox next week. Looks like they are stretching it the full 60 days.

Schlermie | 21. Juni 2013

I received my check around 2 weeks after the approval notification. That was back in January though.

GLO | 21. Juni 2013

In January ours took 3 1/2 weeks.

portia | 23. Juni 2013

approved in March, took about 7-8 weeks to get it!

Maestrokneer | 23. Juni 2013

Ours took 3 weeks, but it was back in February.

Xerogas | 23. Juni 2013

Approved May 15, still waiting

jonesxander | 23. Juni 2013

Alright!! A flood of rebates! NICE!!

Most of those are probably Teslas haha

Late spring, I wonder those must have been Q2's. :)

DC@Tesla | 24. Juni 2013

Sent in paperwork early May. Haven't heard back. A recent poster mentioned there may be less money available (about $2M) than needed for all applicants($9M).


Paulreiche | 25. Juni 2013

VIN 6069

15 APR 2013 - Submitted form.
03 MAY 2013 - Received approval email
24 JUN 2013 - Received check in the mail

JohnnyMac | 25. Juni 2013

Submitted June1. Approval email received June 11. Waiting for funds.

SCCRENDO | 25. Juni 2013

my approval was April 24 and check did arrive this weekend.

hsadler | 25. Juni 2013

Does this rebate have any affect on tax filing for next year? Maybe something that must be claimed....

ramtaz | 25. Juni 2013

Is rebate a flat $2000? How can CA. run out of funding when each new TESLA sold in CA., is taxed at an average of
$6K-$10K? or is there a TAX discount for EV?

SCCRENDO | 25. Juni 2013

Its a flat $2500.00 check mailed to you. A certain amount is budgeted each year. They have used up their present allotment but they will continue to approve people and set up a wait list. More funds will become available and once this happens they will fund according to position on the wait list. I was lucky to be approved for funding before funds ran out but still had to wait a further 60 days to be paid. the federal rebate is $7500 and needs to be claimed on next years tax return. I have been deducting $1750.00 off each of my quarterly estimate payments this year

DC@Tesla | 05. Juli 2013

Got my check today. Exactly 2 months from application approved to check received in mail. (So obviously funds are available) :)

stevenmaifert | 06. Juli 2013

There is money in the pot again:

Because it is a "rebate" it does not have to be reported on your Federal taxes.

djm12 | 06. Juli 2013

Got my check today as well. I submitted my application immediately after buying the car on 3 May 2013. Looks like 60 days to get your rebate.

hsadler | 06. Juli 2013

Same here

Xerogas | 21. Juli 2013

Approved May 15, got my rebate today. Slightly over 60 days, I guess

JPPTM | 22. Juli 2013

Approved end-May...still waiting. I know from e-mail exchanges (they are very responsive and on top of it) that they are trying to catch up.

lnxcar | 22. Juli 2013

I just got my rebate today as well. and like @xerogas I filled out the form with approval 5/15

ppape | 22. Juli 2013

Applied Mid May, Check received Sat. 7/20/13.


George with SacEV | 22. Juli 2013

Approved 16 July, funds fully available.

pvetesla | 22. Juli 2013

Just got mine today!!!

Paperwork sent on May 17th

$2,500 down
$7,500 to go

JPPTM | 23. Juli 2013

Submitted 5/15/13.
Got check 7/22/13.

Colasec | 30. Juli 2013

The application states that they need a copy of the sales contract "signed by all parties". What did you send in for this requirement?

erici | 30. Juli 2013

The California rebate program must waste a lot of money.

They decided not to charge sales tax on EVs in Washington state. It's free to administer.

We'll collect over $9,000 in tax and give you $2,500 back. Incentive, or sharp stick in the eye?

stevenmaifert | 30. Juli 2013

@Colasec - When you electronically sign the final purchase agreement, Tesla will countersign and provide you a copy via email. You print that and submit it with the other required documentation.

@erici - Different state, different EV incentive program. CA doesn't charge the $100/yr road use fee WA EV owners pay. So... If I drive my CA registered ModS for 62 years, we'll be even :)

erici | 30. Juli 2013

The sales tax/rebate is unrelated to Washington's road use fee. California has a large registration tax that's based on property value. Washington does not. I believe you would rather pay Washington's $100 per year road fee than pay to have your vehicle registered in California, trust me on that one!

California just doesn't do well figuring out what technologies to encourage in the market.

For example:
California encourages (no sales tax) mercury filled compact florescents.
California discourages (full sales tax) LED lights that use far less energy than CFLs, and with no poisonous mercury component.

LEDs are already much more expensive than CFLs! Throw the tax in there and what the heck is California up to? It's crazy.

EVs are similar to LED lights in that both are already expensive and the consumer has trouble paying the upfront premium. So what does California do? It raises their prices via these sales taxes.

erici | 30. Juli 2013

A road toll would pay for the highway, while encouraging carpooling. Make the toll high enough, you won't need to repave as many lanes along the routes that are highly pressured by commuters.

KOL2000 | 31. Juli 2013

got mine after 7 weeks