Camera Side Mirrors

Camera Side Mirrors

I'm going to assume that when these things get deployed, after regulations allow, that they will display the images of the cameras unto a screen or screens.

I believe this system can be made even better. By possibly having more than 1 camera, it can monitor blind spots also. Now instead of displaying the image unto a screen which basically makes it the same as the old mirror technology, it should instead light up green when it's safe to merge. It can also have an audible sound that tells you it's clear, or even have the car say something more natural like "go" as it's more natural for your brain to respond to an audible command.

The placement of the light should be in a HUD in front of you so you keep your eyes on the road and are not looking to the right or left.

Anyway just my two cents, I think it would dramatically improve safety and make the driving experience better.

JPPTM | 26. Juni 2013

...tell that to the US DOT who make the rules...very resistant to chan ge...

gselsidi | 26. Juni 2013

Yep, who knows when they will allow this technology but when they do Tesla should implement the suggestions above.