Any opinions out there on which CCI is better? The Teslaccessories CCI seems to have several good reviews
Haven't seen any on the factory built CCI
Are there any others out there?

Brian H | 30. April 2013 "Boris" for another version. Also, numerous commercial versions, but not specific to the Tesla.

EVTripPlanner | 30. April 2013 a bunch of money and try this practical do-it-yourself design

cloroxbb | 30. April 2013

My opinion:

1. Tesla drop in

2. Boris' design

3. CCI

ian | 30. April 2013

You haven't seen any reviews of Tesla's CCI because it doesn't exist yet other than in the pictures on the accessories page. In other words, no-one here has one yet. It's not available for a couple of months.


2050project | 01. Mai 2013