Child Safety Seat Experience

Child Safety Seat Experience

For those of you who have it, looking for your feedback. Here's mine below, but the biggest kicker is that my 3 year old can unlock the belt. Most child seats require more force on the little red button than the kid's thumbs can muster, but she started screaming the other day only for me to pull over and see that she'd unlocked the belt. She knows better but I wanted to see what other user experiences have been. Or if you haven't had the issue maybe you can put your kid in there and ask if they can do it? Here's the rest of my quick review after 3 months of having them:

* Kids love the rear view
* No food spills etc. in passenger seats
* Very easy to adjust for growing kids or different heights.
* People getting freaked out behind you when they see kids in the trunk. :-D

* Kids cook back there in the heat since there's no vents. Poor guys complain about the sun on hot days since it's basically a tanning bed. Wondering if there's some kind of mod anyone's worked up to get ventilation back there?
* Can't see the kids, need to install a mod with a webcam that can link back to the console so we can easily view who's punching who. :)

Simply put they're great, the kids love them and they're 10x easier to manage than bulky store seats, plus you free up your rear seats. Very very interested to get other user feedback though, especially on the belt test...

Brian H | 11. Mai 2013

Coat the rear window with IR blocker. This is a miss by TM, IMO.

breading | 11. Mai 2013

My 6 and 8 year old loved them at first. But, now they always want to sit in the front facing passenger seat. The issues were too hot and they like to look out the front. But, when friends ride with us they always want to take them in the rear facing back seats. So they obviously still think the rear facing seats are hot stuff, just a little too hot for regular use.

I agree some kind of tinting/IR blocker should have been included in the $1500 price of the rear seats.

Lastrock625 | 11. Mai 2013

I mounted a Dyson bladeless fan to the ceiling. No more complaints

dr_gko | 11. Mai 2013

Can you post a picture of how you mounted your fan? I am interested in installing one too. Thanks.

danej | 11. Mai 2013


LK | 12. Mai 2013