Closing the Mid Continental Gap! also posted on Tesla X

Closing the Mid Continental Gap! also posted on Tesla X

I / we, wife and I are the proud owners of a Chevy Volt. After owning this electric car for a year + and 23 thousand miles we will not go back to ICE autos. The people who haven't experienced one peddle driving, speed control of 1 mph at any speed (25-90) on any terrain with no shifting, and smooth acceleration and deceleration from any speed, don't realize they are driving derricks of the past. Not necessarily a bad thing, as I enjoy tube radios and steam engines but no longer state of the art or practicality.

At nearly 70 years of age and less then 50K income our Volt was a bit of a squeeze to afford, but by selling some property, we were able to pay cash and are very glad we did. My next quest would be to own a Tesla X as it seem to have the things the Volt lacks, electric range, AWD, room, unlimited power, except for one. Extended range. We live in the center of Montana and it is my assumption that there will never be enough Supercharge Stations in my lifetime to make the X work for us as a only car, the only way to afford one.

In order to make the Tesla X practical for those of us in the mid continental gap I think the car should be offered with a light trailer or bike carrier containing a Volt (or similar) motor generator. This would make the car practical to travel XC and vacations. When you want to travel distance you hook up your trailer. When you get to a Super Station string you drop your range extender and pick it up on the way home. Should you go several hundred miles down a Station String and your next destination would be beyond range you could rent a extender from the Station. As the SuperStations proliferate the extenders would go away.

In our case the Tesla's range would be a big asset for us over what we have now 30 to 40 miles. We have our own electric oil well (photo cells and windmills) but our normal commute is 100 miles round trip, so we are still using some gas even when we are not going cross country. The good part is when we are on gas the Volt makes milage equal to the best milage ICE's at 35 to 42 mpg. Also the AWD would be a big asset as we have 10 miles of unimproved roads 20 miles round trip.

Brian H | 12. März 2013

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