Is Coda infringing on Tesla's IP?

Is Coda infringing on Tesla's IP?

Look at these pictures:

And they even admit to taking apart (reverse engineering a Tesla Roadster for their design) in this article I read. Down to the 8" center counsel screen and the battery pack skateboard design as it's base. Wish I could find the interview with Coda and link that article as well.

Mycroft | 19. November 2011

I don't think you can get a patent on the skateboard "look". As kludgy as their skateboard looks, I'm guessing that this is the best they could do without infringing on Tesla's patents.

While the tech isn't nearly as elegant as Tesla's, at least they didn't do yet another conversion like GM and Ford did. And say what you will about the Leaf, it doesn't look like a "normal" car while the Coda can't get any more normal looking.

Kallisman | 19. November 2011

I think that was the point of the Coda car. To make it look like a car nobody will notice.

stephen.kamichik | 19. November 2011

BMW's i3 all electric also uses a skateboard design. BMW calls it a skateboard design. The skateboard design is the optimum for EV handling and passenger/cargo capacity.

Timo | 19. November 2011

"skateboard design" is a common name for basic platform which you then just attach several different chassis designs. Same term is used for ICEV:s and HFCV:s with similar concept too, not just BEV:s.

Brian H | 20. November 2011

Taking apart a Roadster wouldn't give you much info about a center console(note sp.), or a skateboard design. The Roadster had neither. I doubt they've got their hands on an 'S' to disassemble.

jbunn | 20. November 2011

Interesting. I talked to two or three engineers at the factory, and congratulated them on achieving the holy grail. The skateboard chassis. They repiied that this is not considered a skateboard. Felt foolish and never asked the obvious.... why not?

Timo | 21. November 2011

I think "skateboard" needs to be self-supporting flat structure underneath chassis before it can be called skateboard. If Tesla doesn't have that, then there is no skateboard.

BYT | 21. November 2011

I guess what triggered me to ask the question was the fact that they "specifically" said they reverse engineered a Roadster and although it's not much at all like the S, that comment would cause me to pause and say (if I was Tesla) that what they are doing would be wrong and I know in the tech industry they are in the courts all the time for far FAR less infringements of design. See court cases between Samsung and Apple regarding phone designs for reference... :)

Brian H | 21. November 2011

IMO, you should assume that any Chinese factory is likely to be reverse-engineering and copying everything it needs. IP enforcement in China is pretty much a waste of time and effort and money to attempt, I think. The Middle Kingdom answers to no one.

David M. | 23. November 2011

I wouldn't be worried about Coda. This Chinese sedan is a hard sell at $40K. For $40K you can buy a Volt, or a Leaf, or probably a RAV4 EV, which, if Toyota can make enough to keep up with demand, should be a great seller (and Tesla gets more sales revenue).

RAV4 EV - Liquid cooled Tesla battery and motor, roomy interior with lots of storage in the back. EV range - 100-120 miles?

Leaf - Air cooled Nissan battery and motor, subcompact hatchback with limited storage. EV range - 75-100 miles.

Coda EV - Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (Chinese design). EV range claimed 150mi. Really boring design. Subcompact. Storage?

BYT | 28. November 2011

I hope the Rav4 EV sells for that ($40k) as I am looking to replace my ICE based Rav4 in a few years!

Brian H | 28. November 2011

Do RAV4s get used off-road much? Range anxiety on the highway is nothin' compared to what you get in the Deep Woods!


BYT | 28. November 2011

I have been disappointed with the milage lately on it, I think there maybe something wrong with my Rav4 however because it didn't start out this bad.