Coffee and Cars Houston

Coffee and Cars Houston

Coffee and Cars Houston was pretty successful today. I don’t even want to begin to estimate how many people I talked to about my car. All I know is that I was dead tired when I left and felt really satisfied that I had educated so many people about the car.

The amount of people lined up along the main drag watching as cars left Vintage Park was astonishing (Thousands?). All I know is that I was lined up with some pretty impressive cars on my way out, which most people were overlooking because they were so interested in the Tesla. Photographers were obviously doing whatever they could to get a shot of my car. The best part was people yelling at me to “REV IT UP”.

kyleket | 02. Februar 2013

Sounds great! I can't believe that I am actually working in Houston right now, and have missed events near home due to my travel. And you have an event here and I miss it!! Grr... Anything else planned with your Model S in the next nine days?

Kyle in Madison (In Houston)
Non-perf 85

edavis008 | 02. Februar 2013

There has been some chatter in the Houston site in the Tesla Club section of the forums about meeting for the Grand Opening of the Houston Service Center. I understand that it is to open in about two weeks.

kyleket | 02. Februar 2013

Of course! I should've checked the Houston group...duh! I was just excited to have a store at the Galleria, and stopped with that. I'll check it out. Thx.

LiteWait | 01. März 2013

I hope to see lots of other Tesla Owners at Coffee and Cars on Saturday 3/2/2013. Last month was great. Get there by 6:30 am so we can park together.

Event Location:

110 Vintage Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77070


I will be there at 6:15 am at the corner marked by the black arrow in the following picture:

LiteWait | 01. März 2013

The black arrow that is labeled "We Got Your Back"

Brian H | 01. März 2013

And swap stories about pedestrians you made stagger with the wind of your silent passage ...

suegie | 01. März 2013

LiteWait, I plan to be there! Where is that in proximity to the HEB? Is this location on the back side away from Louetta?