Decision on Delivery

Decision on Delivery

Wanted to get everyone's opinion. Res # 13,249 - don't expect my car any time soon (June?). I may be reassigned outside of the U.S. for 1 yr. Should I keep my place in line and see if TM will hold on to the car until I return? Or would I have to take delivery? Or maybe have the car shipped to Japan... thoughts?

Carefree | 05. Januar 2013

Cancel. I don't think they would hold on to your car until next year and I sure would not want to drive this car in Japan.

Brian H | 06. Januar 2013

Yes, cancel and re-order. You'll get the latest doo-dads, and the delivery schedule will be shorter and more certain.

gregv64 | 06. Januar 2013

Once the car is finished you have 30 days to take delivery, or you forfeit your $5000 and they give your car to somebody else. Sounds like you should cancel.

Brian H | 06. Januar 2013

What? I never heard anything like that. Don't jibe at the poor boy!

Liz G | 06. Januar 2013

My advice would be to wait for now, assuming you have not gotten your configure email. Then once you know for sure if you will be assigned outside the US, or you get the configure email, call Tesla and see if they can work with you to keep your reservation but not fill it until you get back..

I have found them to be fairly accommodating when there are extenuating circumstances.

Or you could just call them now, if your worried about putting yourself too far back on the reservations list.

As the old saying goes "Never hurts to ask."

Manta | 06. Januar 2013

If you're definitely leaving, I would cancel. A lot can happen in a year, and your plans may change while you're away. By the time you come back, the backlog should be much shorter (assuming reservations don't increase at more than 20,000/year).

jat | 06. Januar 2013

@BrianH - Greg is saying once you finalize your order, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If he is already past that point, Tesla may be willing to consider alternatives given his situation.

JoeBadge | 06. Januar 2013

thx for the comments everyone. I can pay for the car, just may want to defer delivery. I will call TM.

dstiavnicky | 06. Januar 2013

Cancel your business in Japan. Find a local job and enjoy driving your Telsa Model S... ;)

gregv64 | 06. Januar 2013

@Brian: It's right in the MVPA:

"We will notify you when your vehicle is ready for delivery, and, unless we are in breach of this Agreement, you hereby agree to schedule and take delivery of your vehicle within 30 days of such notification."

Also in the MVPA:

"If you fail or refuse to accept delivery of the Vehicle, we may retain as liquidated damages any cash downpayment or deposit made by you, to the extent not prohibited by law."

I just combined the two clauses.

Brian H | 06. Januar 2013

That's because you're naturally greedy. );(