The Delay of the X Brigade

The Delay of the X Brigade

Half a year, and half a year,
And half a year long,
All in the valley of Delay
Stood the mighty throng.
"Wait, the X Brigade!
"Stare at the doors!" he said:
Stuck in the valley of Delay
Paused the anxious throng.

"Forward?, the X Brigade!"
Was there not a man dismay'd?
When a D not an X came thro'.
Someone had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to wait and sigh:
Into the valley of Delay
Paused the X Brigade.

Porsches to right of them,
BMWs to left of them,
Open road in front of them
Rev'd and thunder'd;
Fueled with BP and Shell,
Sadly in their Prii they fell,
Into the jaws of Delay,
Into interminable Hell
Paused the twenty thousand.

Glance at the mules bare,
Glance as they cut through air,
Ponder the lack of runners there,
Waiting for info., while
All the throng wonder'd:
Plunged in the battery-smoke
Of static storage the story broke;
Seems no one was rushin'
To relieve the throng's heavy yolk
Fluster'd yet still muster'd,
The calm to wait, wait knowing not
when they would no longer be twenty thousand.

sbeggs | 30. April 2015



ernie | 30. April 2015

Wow! Terrific humor during the interminable wait. I have gone to sleep every night thinking about how the X will fit into the garage, wondering if I will risk driving to work on I-5 waiting for the random piece of grit to strike the front, windshield or other part of the car or if I will go the slower back way through the city streets and down highway 99 to Lynnwood. Do intend to get film on the exterior XPEL for piece of mind along with window tinting. Not that that has anything to do with the X Brigade...thanks for making my day jjs!

EJS from Seattle area

Red Sage ca us | 30. April 2015

Very... slow... clap. Impressive. Inspiring. Inclusive.

Thank you, jjs. | 30. April 2015

@jjs: great work and further proof that the interminable wait is twisting our minds! :-))

Valley of D-lay indeed.

GLO | 30. April 2015

Wow, great!

lkashworth | 30. April 2015

Oh for just a word of encouragement from T.

Brian H | 30. April 2015

Camrys to the left of them,
Cimmarons to the right of them
Into the Valley of Dearth
Rode the five hundred hundred.

vperl | 30. April 2015

What next,origami ?

jjs | 30. April 2015

A rose by any other nee
Would still be origami.

Just for you vperl

Kpg81 | 02. Mai 2015

cheesy, and lame