!! Delivery Rest of the world !!

!! Delivery Rest of the world !!

Hello Teslaguys... as mentioned in the "delivery-thread", there are "time-to-build"- Mails out for US-reservation numbers greater than P7500!
As european reservation holder #P502 I'm thinking about the following calculation: If delivery is 3-4 months after finalizing the contract...
and Tesla wants to bring the first Signatures to Germany in early 2013... there must be a german Signature reservation holders, which already has gotten
his "it's time to build"-Mail. But I didn't heard of that so far.

So, when we get our "loved" cars?
If Tesla go for the American P-holders-delivery first ...ok, but for how long until which reservation-number?
Until which P-numbers will Tesla only deliver to US / Canada?

Answers, please!

Brian H | 05. Oktober 2012

Yeah, I personally can't wait to see what impact the arrival of some actual Ses has on (e.g.) the dialog in Germany.

vouteb | 05. Oktober 2012

And as always UK behind.....

Whity Whiteman | 05. Oktober 2012

it should be a big benefit for Tesla to see the Ssss zipping through London or Berlin...besides the ICE-Sedans... winning every race and free entrance in London city.. is it free for EV's?

jkirkebo | 05. Oktober 2012

How can anybody in Europe finalize their configs when pricing isn't even out yet ?

vouteb | 05. Oktober 2012

Whity: yes

dborn | 05. Oktober 2012

And Australia? We also want our cars!

stephen.kamichik | 05. Oktober 2012

How about us Canadians?

Brian H | 05. Oktober 2012

Hm, I wonder what % of Leaf and Volt sales happen as a stopgap, because people can't wait for their Model S! 'Spect those dealers are dreading the ramp up. Or maybe they hope to get some of the benefit of heightened awareness/acceptance.

jat | 05. Oktober 2012

@BrianH - I definitely bought the LEAF because the Model S wasn't available yet -- as-is, I will likely have had the LEAF for 18 months before I get the Model S, and that was after waiting 18 months to get my LEAF. But, my wife plans to take the LEAF to replace her aging Civic so I'm not worried about selling it after such a short time.

Schlermie | 05. Oktober 2012

Early 2013 is June 30, 2013.

Whity Whiteman | 06. Oktober 2012

Early 2013 should be late january at the latest!

jeroens | 08. Oktober 2012

@Schlermie - Do you also work for a (software) development company - lol :)

CraigT | 08. Oktober 2012

I am Canadian S# 17 and I finalized my order and signed the paperwork end August. No delivery date yet though.