In desprit need of Tesla deployable door handles

In desprit need of Tesla deployable door handles

Hi. My name is Nathan, I'm new to the Tesla forum. I don't own a Tesla but what I do own is a 1961 Lincoln. I have been looking around for a set of 4 Tesla door handles. I've been looking around for a wrecked one that's being parted out but I can't find anything. Does anyone know where I can find a set. My idea is to install them on my Lincoln and using the aftermarket alarm, when it is armed the handles will be recessed. When un armed handles will be deployed. Anyone know if this will work or will I need some sort of stock brain unit for the handles to work?

Thank you

Brian H | 13. März 2014

You are indeed desperate.

GeekEV | 13. März 2014

A local tesla service center should be able to sell parts. Whether they WILL or not is a different story. But it never hurts to ask.

petochok | 13. März 2014

If you are serious about this, then hit up eBay. You may have to buy an entire salvaged car, pull what you need for your custom project and resell it to the next party, desperate for MS parts. The purchase investment (most of which you should recoup upon resale) should easily fall within your budget if you wish to bring what you described to reality. I can imagine the door sheetmetal work alone would run in the thousands to be done right. Good luck, and post up a video once this is complete.

Bikezion | 14. März 2014

Check out the stretchla blog, he may be willing to sell door handles.

petochok | 14. März 2014

I doubt it. The goal is to transfer as many features to the VW as possible.

Bikezion | 15. März 2014

The door handles would be sweet on the VW, he hasn't mentioned using them though. It might not be too difficult for him to make them work, might be easier than not using them actually! The car would pull up faults about the missing door handles!

They would be even better on the 61 Lincoln.

Nathan is it a 4 door with the suicide rear doors?