Did you upgrade your garage when you bought your Tesla?

Did you upgrade your garage when you bought your Tesla?

I've read a couple posts about some owners cleaning out their garages in preparation for their Tesla delivery...clearly a typical garage (i.e. good enough for an ICE car) is not good enough for a Tesla.

I would certainly like one of those RaceDeck tile floors for my garage, regardless of my car. But I must admit to thinking about almost remodeling my garage should I get a Tesla, and for the life of me I don't know why. 99% of the people who would see my future Tesla aren't in my why do I want a remodel?

Did YOU improve your garage, other than the electrical connection? Paint? Floor tiles/epoxy? New lighting?

jonlivesay | 12. November 2013

Not yet but planning on it, it's all part of the disease. Disease isn't correct word .

Shesmyne2 | 12. November 2013

Oh yeah we did.
New drywall, painted floor, re-insulated pipes, new shelving, rubber tire squares,
new W/D, new garage door openers, sink....
And oh yeah, HPWC install.

Of COURSE she needed a nice new home!

Still Grinning ;-) | 12. November 2013

Yes--fixed up the drywall, painted, updated lights and garage door opener.


jbunn | 12. November 2013

Yes, Cleaned, drywalled, put in a 50 amp plug.

ausdma | 12. November 2013

Adding HPWC. Period.

Ok, I might try to get in on one of these sign purchases…

JstACarGuy | 12. November 2013

Just HPWC.

TeslaF1 | 12. November 2013

We just had Ultimate Garage Floors do their magic... looks amazing and should have done it years ago

negarholger | 12. November 2013

It is work in progress...
- first cleaned out one half and charging from the dryer plug
- second cleaned out the other half and got solar and 14-50 at exactly the perfect spot
- next is new garage door opener so MS can operate it
- after that repainting the walls
- then I lean towards cork flooring
- new cabinets and some pictures on the wall
- and last but not least replace the Mercedes with a second MS

RZippel | 13. November 2013

Type 2, 22kW Wall charger will be installed and as the MS is so long a stop sign 5cm away from the back wall that blinks when lightly touched ;-)

chrisdl | 13. November 2013

I don't have a (usable) garage. My Tesla will sleep outside.

Panoz | 13. November 2013

Holy Smokes...I am not alone in linking garage upgrades with a Tesla. I have had two fairly rare vehicles (Delorean & Panoz) and didn't feel the need to do anything to the garage, but must admit it seems natural to remodel it for a Tesla and still don't know why I would want to do must be a sickness...

I'm getting lots of ideas, keep 'em coming. Didn't know there were garage remodel companies!

Panoz | 13. November 2013

What was I thinking??? I'm not trying to pry, but could you folks throw in the ballpark number on the reno $$$ ? I'd take a garage remodel as part of the cost of a Tesla, so if I knew, for example, that it added $5K to the price, that would help sell the purchase to the wife...

Dwdnjck@ca | 13. November 2013

I cleaned mine out but somehow the clutter reappeared, larger and washing supplies.

Dwdnjck@ca | 13. November 2013

I looked for an old gas pump that I could run the charging chord through. The I realized that this would require garage beautification and cleaning......

clindon | 13. November 2013

Interesting thread.
From a prospective owners point of view I would surmise that the garage improvements are spurred by the combination of needing to install a charging facility and not insignificantly, the fact that this is "clean" car. The risk of oil and grease drippings are so drastically reduced that it is "natural" to put it into a cleaner environment. And of course this says nothing of the potential for fuel and transmission fluid spills with their associated smells being completely eliminated. Even brake dust soiling of the garage floor is drastically reduced, hence the efforts to keep the garage clean are better rewarded for a longer time than with a conventional ICE vehicle. Yes, clean cars deserve clean garages and since one has to improve the garage electrical system anyway the next step is a natural and figuratively small one - even if it is somewhat expensive and labour intensive!
My take on it anyway. YMMV.
Thanks and Cheers

Mathew98 | 13. November 2013

Nope, I only got the 14-50 NEMA plug installed.

I tried to upgrade da wife in anticipation of the new MS.

Of course it was a no go, but it was worth a try...

MacDaddyDude | 13. November 2013

About $500 to increase the storeage capacity of the attic to eliminate clutter (it's a much larger car than the 328i that is currently there). I would go crazy, but we're not planning on staying long term in the current house.

wolfpet | 13. November 2013

I did somewhat...

mitrabbit | 13. November 2013

Ok, wheres your garage junk? I would love to clear my garage, but where do you put all that stuff? Camping gear, memories, old financial records, cleaning stuff, ladders, tools.....etc? Without buying storage space to commute to? Ok... I am envious!

wolfpet | 13. November 2013


>Camping gear
Under the ladder in the basement.

I found living in the now is more rewarding ;-)

>old financial records
shredded and recycled

>cleaning stuff
You mean a mop? Well, I'm pretty sure we have one somewhere

>ladders, tools.....etc?
I have a ladder and a toolbox in the basement. But I'm not really a handyman type so I guess I don't crave much for those

>Without buying storage space to commute to?
correct Sir! :-)

JPPTM | 13. November 2013

wolfpet--where did you get your posters?

Tesla-David | 13. November 2013

@Panoz. Thanks for posting question. Like many of posters above, of course I had to upgrade garage for this beautiful car. I cleaned all the junk out of garage and had to install a utility shed to put it in. I also installed New floor and garage door. Never did anything like this for previous ICE vehicles. The MS deserves to be treated like the royalty she is. My wife thinks I am crazy but I don't care.

jeffsstuff | 13. November 2013

I believe the phenomenon is called, "nesting"

wolfpet | 13. November 2013

Google -> Photoshop ->

PBEndo | 13. November 2013

I upgraded my garage dramatically just by parking my Model S in it.

DTsea | 13. November 2013

I had to clean out the garage, remove the workbench, and of course add the 240V service.... then I converted a gazebo to a garden shed to put all the lawn stuff.

DTsea | 13. November 2013

But my garage was built in 1918 so there hadnt been a car in it for a long time. I had to have the building straightened in order to install power garage doors!

NKYTA | 13. November 2013

+1 pbendo!

We did a fair amount of work spiffing the garage up and making room for such a long vehicle.
Though probably could have done long before, but NKYTA deserved better.

Brit.l.T | 13. November 2013

Ripped out damaged old black top drive way and replaced with concrete drive way that was expanded.

New garage doors for three stalls.

Repaired garage floor with concrete pouring.

1800 junked the past 10 years worth of clutter that accumulated in my garage.

I am actually limited because I'm pregnant (talking about nesting). My husband doesn't share my love for remodeling....

Panoz | 13. November 2013

Love the ideas and photo(s). I'm not sure if epoxy paint or tiles is best for a floor for my location. Every Spring I have to power wash my garage floor since Colorado uses grit/dirt/sand for winter traction. I have a heated garage so any dirty snow melts overnight, leaving mud & dirt on the floor. I must do some research...

Panoz | 13. November 2013

@Wolfpet: I'm surprised you put your HPWC where you did - you back into your space?

Sudre_ | 13. November 2013

I had my detached garage completely tore down and built a new larger one because I didn't want problems with banging doors and folding in mirrors. Not to mention it was about to fall down and I wasn't going to park a $70K+ car in it. | 13. November 2013

I upgraded the house to 200 amp service, rewired half the house and the entire garage 3 years before getting the MS. As part of that I wired for the HPWC, but installed a NEMA 5-50, having no idea what connector would be required. Fortunately, I was able to get a 5-50 adapter when I picked up my car.

After getting the Model S, I built and installed a system to indicate if I forgot to connect the charging or left the garage door open (as I have on occasion)! Here's a view of the indicator in my house (three different views of the one module).

I wrote up how to make this at:

Burt Court | 13. November 2013

If this works, it will be my first post since ordering my Model S.
Yes, I've begun modifing my garage, step by step. Started today by adding blue lights to show off my metallic white Tesla when it gets here.

ModelSD | 13. November 2013

Painted faux wood walls and doing the epoxy floor this weekend. Just had the NEMA 14-50 installed today and upgraded to 50 amps. GOD I CANT WAIT!!!

RAM_Eh | 13. November 2013

Love the garage pic! And I see your from the Toronto area. I cleaned out my garage when I bought my vet but now that my MS is coming in a month I feel the need to upgrade her home too!

Brian H | 13. November 2013

It's the "Am I worthy?" response.

wolfpet | 14. November 2013

>I'm surprised you put your HPWC where you did - you back into your space?

Always! ;-)

Panoz | 14. November 2013

Those that have epoxy on the floor...'splain. My garage is 12 years old and has a small amount of oil in spots (darned ICE cars...). My concerns are:

1) Can the surface be cleaned/sanded enough to ensure the epoxy sticks to the floor?
2) Tires, when hot, are the temperature of boiling water. How can any paint withstand something like that for long?

Yet floor tiles would need to be removed to wash the mud/debris out of my garage every Spring.

The floor is my biggest modification to my garage I'd be interesting in, I think...

RonaldA | 14. November 2013

Built a new garage for the teslas. Heated floor, Spanish tile, r19 garage doors keep them warm at night. Full detailing available warm water, drains and vacuum. Yes, the ICE cars can use the old garage.

JPPTM | 14. November 2013

Panoz--the trick with epoxy painting your garage floor is the prep. You don't need to sand it, but the prep requires etching with muriatic acid. and thorough rinsing. The paint is super durable--hot tires are no problem. After a couple of years I might see a bit of lifting under the front tires, but by then I'm ready to apply a fresh coat.

rterry | 14. November 2013

Resurfaced garage floor with an epoxy. This was done professionally over an oil stained floor that required thorough sanding. I have had zero problems with it and it has been 6 months. Also repainted, had cabinets installed, and bright new lighting. It all looks great! Not only did I redo my garage, I added solar panels because of the Tesla. So, my Tesla cost quite a bit more than the sticker price but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

TikiMan | 14. November 2013

No, but I upgraded my roof :-)

danej | 14. November 2013


Cork flooring for the garage? Does that hold up to the abuse of a vehicle rolling over it daily?


negarholger | 14. November 2013

@Dane - cork is one of the toughest floorings. I have it the kitchen and love it - drop something and no dent and glass doesn't break, very good insulator. Not sure how it holds up in the garage, but heck we can try someting unusual. Should be tough enough to hold up to the tire pressure, but I will test it first with some scrap parts. Have to keep the baby warm in the cold NorCal winter... ( just kidding ).

Brian H | 15. November 2013

At least your garage will float when the floods come. >:)

rch1708 | 15. November 2013

I have to finish tiling that last 20 sq.m of my garage floor this weekend, ahead of delivery on Thursday. Also need to finish painting a bit of the walls & ceiling, but that probably won't get done before delivery. 22Kw charge point is installed.

Once done, I will have completely transformed the garage, all for my MS. Who says men don't get nesting fever?

dlewis | 15. November 2013

I upgraded the doors from a single 18' wide (used to be boats in there) to 2 doors, one at 9' wide to make the car an easy fit. Put a door opener on the one and that was it. To be fair the door upgrade was already planned in general house remodeling anyway though, so the only real change was the opener. Since the previous owner of the house had a welder in the garage, a 14-50 plug was already in place.

Panoz | 15. November 2013

@RonaldA: pics or it didn't happen...

Panoz | 15. November 2013

@rch1708: maybe the garage is the last testosterone bastion we men have...and we should do it right. No foo-foo stuff. No curtains. Our place, ya know?