Disgusted with ICE

Disgusted with ICE

I used to love cars. I have always been a car guy.

Now, the thought of buying (or even driving, for that matter) a car with a gas-burning engine disgusts me. Do all other owners feel the same way?

jd3tm | 23. April 2013

Pretty Much...but not so much disgust as pity!

I got my Sig MS Perf on Nov 2, 2012, and haven't been to a gas station since!

I out perform anything I find on the highway!

Thanks to Solar on my house, my fuel costs are truly negligible!

Everybody that checks out the MS is blown away by styling and cool features unavailable in an ICE (flat floors, storage, etc.)

I've just passed 6000 miles which translates into, at least, 150 gals of gas savings. Everyone agrees we will run out of Crude Oil before we run out of sunshine, right!

I still Love Cars very much...just not ICE's.


GeirT | 23. April 2013

Nope. I love cars, engines and the sound and smell. I will never part with my Harley. That said, I am super excited about new technology, especially the paradigm shift MS represents, awaiting my P85+ hopefully this early autumn.