Do I need the 'smart air suspension' in my Model X?

Do I need the 'smart air suspension' in my Model X?

I live in New Orleans where we have more than our fair share of potholes and thanks to living below sea level - frequent issues with flooding after rains. If this were for the Model S, I would definitely be getting the air suspension. But this being a higher up SUV to begin with, is it worth it? I am in relatively good health and have small kids so don't really need anything to lower the car so people can get in/out. All the SUV's I have had thus far in this city have done well with steep driveways, potholes, etc. I don't mind getting the option (rather than regretting it later) and just wondering what the reasons other folks would be getting it. Thanks!

PBEndo | 05. Dezember 2015


Tâm | 06. Dezember 2015


Too many discussions about this. Here's a copy and paste:

Coil or Smart Air Suspension?

22” tires feel the roads, sportier, handling better than 20” tires do.
20” tires feel softer and quieter than 22” tires.

It’s a personal preference.
Some can feel a difference and are willing to the pay extra cost.
Others feel very little or no difference to pay for the extra.


You can feel the road
Feel sportier
Feel tighter, firmer
Feel better Ludicrous force. Why pay more to cushion the force?
Standard. No additional cost.
One height fits all: No need to worry about height adjustments.
Cheaper to repair

Cons (What I can feel, but others may not agree:)
Feel every single crack on the road.
One height fits all: not adjustable
One damage/repair to your bumpers caused by inadequate clearance may cost more than the price of the Smart Air option.


Feel more comfortable
Less bumpier, less bouncy.
G-force feelings are dampened: Less seasick, but not much.
Raise to height of SUV!
Automatic/manual height adjustable.
Less chance of damaging your bumpers caused by low clearance.

Good for:
Speed bumps in neighborhood
Steep driveways
Deep snow
High cement blocks that stop your tires at parking spaces
Uneven weights in your car.

Cushy feeling, "can't feel the road"
Ludicrous feelings are dampened: paid good money for a roller coaster feeling, not to reduce it.

Costly to buy the option

Costly to repair if broken outside of warranty (It’s only covered for a maximum of 8 years/100,000 miles with extended warranty.)