Driver Headroom with Sunroof?

Driver Headroom with Sunroof?


With the disappearance of the old forum, I can now skip trying to read through all the old posts to see if my question has already been answered.

Owners: Anyone tall drivers/regular passengers (I'm 6'3") out there? My big concern when purchasing a car is to keep my head out of the roof liner, and my knees out of the steering column.

Any personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated.


Mel. | 24. November 2012

I am 6' 3" and have more headroom than I expected. More than I had in BMW, Lexus etc, I have not sat in the back yet. I do not have the pano roof.

Michael23 | 24. November 2012

6‘8 and with pano I have enough room, but not without it.

Volker.Berlin | 24. November 2012

The old threads are back up again, and here's the one you were looking for:
("private", i.e., visible to reservation holders and owners only)

GreenMachine13 | 24. November 2012

At 6'-0" I found the driver headroom with Pano roof to be fine in front. I hit my head on the liner while sitting in the back seat and trying to relax. It wasn't even close. I would've needed to be at least 2" shorter not to hit my head. Good room otherwise. Luckily I won't be sitting back there.