Driving cross-country is so... last weekend...

Driving cross-country is so... last weekend...

Let's go to Panama!

Here is a quote from the article:
"Randy Denmon and Dean Lewis decided, almost on whim, to drive Denmon's Tesla Model S from McAllen, Texas to the Panama Canal, traversing some of the worst roads in the Americas, finding electric power where they can, and being shaken down by corrupt border guards."

Miggy | 04. Februar 2014

yes but it is cool to think the Model S travelled the 5575km from Los Angeles to New York in just over 76 hours.

Miggy | 04. Februar 2014

Those guys in the EVWorld Video are great, wow what a road trip, see the link it is a must read.

Brian H | 05. Februar 2014

Ends in Managua, though.

lolachampcar | 05. Februar 2014

That is just plain nuts.


Mathew98 | 05. Februar 2014

These greenies ought to know weeds are legalized in WA and CO now. They didn't need to go that far down south to restock...

PorfirioR | 05. Februar 2014

There is an update in the comments section of the story saying that they made it to Costa Rica yesterday after 13.5 hours to cover 261 miles (roads must be really bad).

Pungoteague_Dave | 05. Februar 2014

wow - that's just insane. One would presume that they have no wireless service to the car, and no way for TM to assist if there's a problem. Maybe they could do the phone tethering thing for diagnostics, but ranger service ends at the border. Guess they could flatbed it back in worst case scenario. The most impressive comment is that they hook up to 240 at hotels by direct wiring the car, no plug. Really ambitious.

flyjeffva | 05. Februar 2014

I was most impressed by the comment that they thought they might loose the car at the Honduras boarder crossing!

Anybody find the Facebook page that was mentioned in the pod cast? I would like to hear and see more about this trip.

What an adventure!!!

NKYTA | 05. Februar 2014

Wow, just wow. Some big cajones there.

SamO | 05. Februar 2014

From the audio interview, sounds like they wire a pigtail (custom) out of spare adapters, so that they can plug in wherever.

I'm rooting for them to make it!

AmpedUP | 05. Februar 2014

Wow, they must have money to burn, along with 9 lives.

Tiebreaker | 05. Februar 2014

Hey, is the wheel on the last picture locked with a cable?

PorfirioR | 05. Februar 2014

Welcome to Panama picture:

@Tiebreaker, I was wondering the same thing about that picture of the wheel and tried to follow the cable, but it looks electrical. So I thought perhaps they threaded the charging cable through the wheel so nobody would yank the plug when tripping over the cable, since it looks like it is running right in front of a door.

Brian H | 06. Februar 2014

In the interview they mention getting extorted for $500 by Honduran border police.

wfmartin1945 | 06. Februar 2014

My daughter spent 2.3 years in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. We visited her for two weeks in early 2006. Drove a rented diesel Toyota 4X pickup (Thank God!). Had great fun driving slalom around all the car-swallowing potholes while trying to keep average speed up. Also, quickly learned to slow down whenever a blue building was spotted (schools painted blue). Unmarked major speedbumps in front of all schools - mild concussion (joking!) taught me quickly to slow down for blue buildings/schools. Drove from Managua to Murra (rural town up near the Honduran border in the mountains - Sandanista country with minefields still marked). Not sure I would drive my red P-85 in Nicaragua due to road clearance issues. Even the red Toyota pickup had issues occasionally, but it was fun to drive like a slalom ski racer. :-)

Tiebreaker | 06. Februar 2014

@PorfirioR - Looks like plastic enclosed steel cable, there is a padlock visible buy the short wall, and the charging cable (thicker black) threads through it. I think it served to prevent the charging cable from walking away...

PorfirioR | 06. Februar 2014

@Tiebreaker, that makes sense.

@wmfkmn, that sounds like quite the adventure. I had a similar one not too long ago on an unexpectedly adventurous ride from Nairobi to the middle of the Rift Valley in a mini van with 1K lbs of gear. Nothing like driving in the middle of the night on roads that, when paved, only served to accentuate the potholes, unlighted (off course) and with unannounced, large, and frequent speed-bumps large enough to make you miss the potholes.

But let me get back on topic. I think what would make the end of Randy and Dean's most excellent and Quixotic trip even more awesome is if it ended with a picture of him and his Tesla charging toward an oil tanker crossing the canal with the caption:

"It is easy to see,that thou art not used to this business of adventures; those are giants; and if thou art afraid, away with thee out of this and betake thyself to prayer while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat." - (Miguel de Cervantes)

Captain_Zap | 06. Februar 2014

I hope they cross the bridge. That would be very cool. The first intercontinental trip via EV!

If they happen to find a three toed sloth curled up in their frunk I'll take care of it when they get back.

LandonDeanLewis | 07. Februar 2014

We crossed the Panama Canal this morning. Working on a webpage to document all the details for anyone interested. In the meantime, you can email me: or search me on Facebook. Lots of pics and videos there. Would have the webpage up by now, but my laptop did not survive the trip.

Captain_Zap | 07. Februar 2014

Congratulations on your journey! I'm very impressed.

Bighorn | 07. Februar 2014

Congratulations--awesome accomplishment!

8508BlueS | 07. Februar 2014

Way to go LandonDean! YOU GUYS ROCK!