Driving the Model S in Alaska

Driving the Model S in Alaska

At the present time there are no Tesla Motors in Alaska. That being said, I still plan to fly to Seattle and purchase a Model S. I do have concerns as to how the Model S will perform in 20 below zero weather. I'm sure it may be a challenge. Never the less, the car has a reputation that appears to be undisputable. If it performs in the lower 48, there is no reason it should do any less here in Alaska. Granted, we may have a few month's be the stations are available, however the car can be charged anywhere and we have plenty of facilities that are equipped to handle engine warmers for overnight parking and they are free. I guess that will work for the present time. When it comes to repair's, that may be a totally other issue. We will see! With all that being said, I'll just have to wait for my order to come in to Seattle and drive back to Alaska. That in itself will be a challenge.

Don Jacobs | 26. August 2013

Just got my answer on the Tesla Model S and it's performance in extreme cold climates. It can handle the extremes of Alaska. I am confident of that! Tesla has a video of it performance on Snow and on Ice! I also just read where the Chevy Volt cost's GM $40,000.00 for every Volt sold! That says a lot about oblameo's support or knowledge of Battery/Motor powered vehicles. Oh well! I didn't vote for him.

Brian H | 27. August 2013

I saw a post by a Roadster owner in Alaska who had 40,000 miles (and whose range had reduced only 5 miles in that time).

Use and search for 'winter'.

Don Jacobs | 27. August 2013

That should be acceptable. Wouldn't you agree?

Timo | 27. August 2013

What is "lower 48"? If that is degrees as in temperature in negative side of the scale then that's really cold.

IntrinsicHegemony | 27. August 2013

If I remember correctly, the Wasilla/Anchorage area doesn't get down to -40 degrees, unlike Fairbanks/farther north. What Don refers to when he says 'lower 48' are the 48 contiguous U.S. states south of Alaska.

Don Jacobs | 28. August 2013

The term (LOWER 48) is what we refer to as the Continental US. Since we are several thousand miles away from the Lower 48, that's just the way it is. We are a separate world away. and actually like it that way. When was the last time oblameo was here. See what I mean. Its a Natural State and we want to keep it Clean and Pure. Yes! We want Americans and all those Legal people to come for a visit.
The term lower 48 does not refer to the temperature here. Now, if you were here last winter, then you would have experienced 35-40 Below Zero. It was one of the worst Winter's I have ever experienced.
Buying the Tesla S will either prove it or break it. I know some people put there Batteries battery in a refrigerator to make them last. However the Tesla has a totally different Battery. No Comparison. I have no intention of taking one out and freezing it. That will happen naturally after it comes out of a Heated Garage.
We will just have to wait and see.

Brian H | 28. August 2013

If exposed to -20°F while parked, it will need to be plugged in. 110V should suffice to protect the battery.

ian | 28. August 2013

Yup. Keep it plugged in and you should be fine. You won't get the full 265 mile range in the dead of winter either.

Timo | 28. August 2013

That's -20C not -20F.

Captain_Zap | 28. August 2013

There is at least one Tesla Model S owner that frequents Tesla Motors Club. You might want to take a look over there and introduce yourself.