Electric S Miles

Electric S Miles

There is a nice page for the roadster miles driven. How about using another color an add in the Model S to the page :)

BYT | 16. Juli 2012

That is cool, I hadn't seen that page before. Model S should have have it's own map however... :)

kublai | 16. Juli 2012

This begs the question - has anyone seen the odometer on the model S during their test drives? I'm curious to know how reliable are AC motors and how fast it deteriorates over time. Lets say 10 years later if you pop in a new battery pack with original motor the Model S would perform just like or close to day 1?

BYT | 16. Juli 2012

Electric Motors can only go bad, not degrade from my experience unless exposed to excessive heat. My understanding is because everything is kept temperate on the undercarriage of the Model S, that shouldn't be an issue?

Anyone that can help confirm or "fix" my understandings on it? Might be worth it's own thread actually!

Sudre_ | 16. Juli 2012

I have rarely replaces an AC motor. The only thing that typically goes out on them are the bearings and that is because of water or something attached to it that was unbalanced. I don't think either will be a problem with the Model S.

Brian H | 16. Juli 2012

That map must be running its total off a guesstimator program; it's updating by 1s and 2s and 3s. Surely it's not a summary from real-time air-links will every Roadster on the road?

brianman | 17. Juli 2012

"has anyone seen the odometer on the model S during their test drives?"

I didn't remember to look during my test drive, but you can see it in Konstantin's video.

Teoatawki | 17. Juli 2012

Brian H,

My supposition is the page has an estimate that it uses to update the counter over 24 hours, periodically syncing with data accumulated from the cars. There have been reports of the counter jumping backwards.

Scwins | 17. Juli 2012

For whatever it's worth, I spoke with one rep who said they have a beta vehicle that currently has 160K miles on it already.

Lot's of test driving on it.

Steve_W | 17. Juli 2012

The car I looked at at the DC event had 1500 miles on it.

jerry3 | 17. Juli 2012

In the Roadster thread there is one with 200,000 km on it and no motor problems. Actually, I don't see motors being a problem. The ones in my 2001 and 2004 Prius work just fine and I've only heard of a very few failing and that was in the very earliest ones (early 2001 production). It's since been determined that the problem was not changing the transaxle fluid.