Electromagnetic field from battery?

Electromagnetic field from battery?

Hi Tesla community! I very much look forward to buying my Tesla Model S and after a short test drive in Copenhagen recently I am close to making a final decision.

But one of my questions is:

Shortly after I bought my current car, a Volvo S60 -2001 version, customers had to return their cars because the electro magnetic field was too high in the car. The battery is placed under the trunk in the S60 model and the electric cable connections going from the battery in the back to the engine in the front were "emitting" a electric magnetic field higher than allowed. The issue was solved by Volvo by simply insuling the cables.

Just to clarify, I am in no way paranoid or thinking that this is a problem in the Model S but my father (who is a very wise man)raised the relevant question: What level of electro magnetic field does the very large battery pack in the Model S create?? I am sure Tesla has thought of this and that it is not a problem but since my Tesla advocate still has not replied me on this question, I thought I would ask someone here :)

Anyone have data on this/know if it is a problem?

I think the The EU has a maximum limit in excess of 100 uT for electromagnetic fields in the frequencies employed in cars and other applications, so probably Tesla has thought of this...


The Swedish Bolt, reservation # 417 | 11. März 2013

Try to search the forum. This has been discussed extensively.

Svejk | 12. März 2013

Thanks! Found alot of info using the search function!