The end is near for Model X (Sig,)

The end is near for Model X (Sig,)

Reservations ;-)
I am US #1347 and if Model S gives any guidance we should be very close to closing the line. I think 1200 Sig. Reservations were envisioned.
So at least 137 signature reservation holders decided to drop out or downgrade to a general production reservation.

Anybody with a higher signature reservation number please leave your details. I would love to find out what the final tally is.

holidayday | 25. März 2014

It's probably better to call Tesla regarding your reservation. Did you (see the option / or are you prepared to) deposit 45K for the Signature reservation?

holidayday | 25. März 2014

Clarification: the deposit for the US if $40,000.

You can cancel your order, and click the "Reserve" the Signature and move up in line. It is still available as an option on the Model X Reservation page.

I don't think we'll know the numbers until they start making them in 2015.

toby_wan_kenoby | 25. März 2014

I did reserve a sig and got #1347. I was surprised that that option was still available as I saw people talking about holding a #1200+ reservation in February.
I also reserved a regular just in case I want to downgrade or my wife would like her own MX, so as to not drop down all the way to the end.

I agree, unless Tesla tells us we will never know the exact number. But I think they will stick to the 1200ish ballpark sig reservations, but the reservation numbers reflect the number of people that either dropped out or downgraded from a sig reservation.

My guess is that it can only be days until they close the line. We will see.

Cueonly | 25. März 2014

I just logged in, and notice that it no longer asks if I want to upgrade my reservation. Looks like we have hit the end of Sig reservations?

Brian H | 25. März 2014

Prob'ly you can still get on a waiting list, though, for future switches or cancellation openings.

holidayday | 26. März 2014

I guess it happened in the last two days.

I clicked the "Reserve Model X" link, and it only gave me the option for the regular $5,000 deposit. No Signature Link.

Looks like the Signature pool is closed!

iboyanov | 27. März 2014

I got the Model X Sig reservation #1356 :) two days ago

toby_wan_kenoby | 28. März 2014

OK, I was wrong. It was not days until the Sig line closed it was hours.

Congrats to iboyanov, you are the last in line US Sig reservation holder ;-) # 1356
I actually reserved on the 21st. But until the wire hit their account and them processing it and giving me my reservation number it was the 24th.
So we have had at least 9 Sig reservations in the 24 hours between my and your reservation. That is a pretty good rate.

Kitmin | 30. März 2014

I had gone to one of their VIP events recently and asked if they were still limiting the signature series to 1200 and they said yes but they were taking add't orders because of the drop outs so I guess 1356 was the end of the line. Congrats to all the sig holders. :)

Triciawade123456 | 03. April 2014

I'm number 597 Sig-
Still no letter or call from them yet....still waiting!