EV charging at PHL airport - it's here!

EV charging at PHL airport - it's here!

From what I can find, the only airport parking facility with EV charging near the Philadelphia International Airport is PreFlight Parking ( They currently have one space set aside with dedicated access to a 120V outlet (no extra charge, available only for covered (i.e. garage) parking). I've used the space myself, and it's great.

I spoke with the manager, and she said they're thinking about adding more EV charging spaces. She would like a better sense of the need, so I offered to post a message in this forum to poll current and future Tesla owners. I've seen other posts in this forum griping about no EV charging around the PHL airport. Now's your chance to speak up!

If you plan to use the charging station at PreFlight Parking, please respond to this post with how often you typically fly and for how many days. (I'll be sharing a link to this post with the manager.)

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in PreFlight Parking. I do want to support a facility that's willing to meet my needs as an EV driver.

zanzibar | 07. März 2013

My wife and I would use it. As it is now I would not drive my Model S to PHL to park for longer trips because the lack of a charger.

We probably fly a combined 6 to 10 times a year out of PHL.

ian | 07. März 2013

Great idea.

You might also want to post over at the forums. They have region specific areas...


dqb | 07. März 2013

Would use but wouldn't risk the long drive without a guaranteed spot. DC airports are all wi round-trip range for me. PHL is interesting for me for certain routes, though.

Dschoenberg | 07. März 2013

I was really surprised to find that there were so few charging options at PHL. Took an overnight trip a couple weeks ago and lost 25 miles of range due to cold, so there really is a need for this. Never used PreFlight, but will give them a try soon. I fly 8-10 times a year, probably 25 days total.

nickjhowe | 07. März 2013

@Dschoenberg be happy that there are any. Miami airport has no charging spots, and no plans to have any. And I fly every other week. Did 180,000 miles last year. The car spends more time at the airport than it does driving. :-)

Manta | 07. März 2013

Thanks for the replies so far.

@goneskiian - Thanks for the tip. I tried posting to teslamotors, but I keep getting an error that says I don't have permission to create tags. I'll keep trying to "debug" my post.

Brian H | 07. März 2013

Try and make a deal with a car rental place, sort of a reverse arrangement. Rent space and a 110 plug while flying around.

Manta | 09. März 2013

FYI, also posted on

@Brian - Nice idea, but I would think would be issues (like liability) involved.

noel.smyth | 09. März 2013

6 to 10 times a year, typically for 3 days per with several of a week. I will try this out! thanks for sharing.


I am not inclined to leave my Model S at the airport but if a secure, from both theft and dents, lot was available with charging I would 6-10 times per year.

Manta | 09. März 2013

@John - I initially had the same concerns, but the spot they have set aside for EV charging is away from the rest of the customer cars and behind the area where the employees park. When I came back to my car after my trip, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had orange cones on three sides of it (fourth side was a wall). I suspect that the orange cones were to let employees know not to park next to the car. I'm guessing this arrangement will change if more EV spots open, but for now I couldn't ask for a nicer setup.

Manta | 05. Mai 2013

UPDATE: PreFlight Airport Parking now has three dedicated 120V charging stations available and will be marking other indoor spots with access to outlets as available (but not dedicated) for charging. I've posted this location to Recargo,, and PlugShare (may take a few days to appear) and will add pictures after they finish painting the area this week.

esztejman | 05. Mai 2013

I fly 6-9x a year and would use it.

Peter Spirgel | 08. Mai 2013

I would use it and I fly around 10 times a year

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