Figured I'd just check in to NOT complain for a change

Figured I'd just check in to NOT complain for a change

I have been driving my Model S every day since the beginning of October. It's always fun to drive and with a few very minor exceptions always does exactly what it's supposed to. I almost never think about range anymore. Yes, there have been a few minor glitches here and there. But except for two they were fixed without any calls or visits to service because others were having them too and there was a software fix. The two that required hands on weren't serious enough to keep me from driving it while I worked out a convenient time to get it fixed, and were fixed competently and politely by a staff of new employees, learning all new tech.

Since this is the first car I've ever bought that cost more than $32K I don't have experience with "high-end" cars. I have owned several Japanese and Korean cars that I never had to do anything much more than change the oil on, so that colors my expectations. Maybe unfairly compared to a 7-series or the like. But given that this is the first car the company has really manufactured and it's unlike any other car made before in many ways, I guess it really is remarkable that I can type those first two sentences.

I read the forums and get caught up in complaining about little stuff sometimes, but rarely stop and just say how dependable and awesome it is as my only real mode of transportation. I love my Model S, and am very happy to be able to depend on it as a daily driver.

Jamon | 09. Mai 2013

+1 MandL. Same here.

NKYTA | 09. Mai 2013


inverts | 09. Mai 2013

+1. Fully agree. Many glitches can be fixed by restarting, like computer glitches: "Did ya try to restart?!?" Solves 99% of minor issues on a computer.
Just put electrons in and it works. A bloody miracle!

trydesky | 09. Mai 2013

+1 Getting the car (delivery) was the hard part. Since then, smooth as silk for 3,500 miles.

EcLectric | 09. Mai 2013

I have a complaint! I used to get excited when I saw another Model S on the road. For a while, I was waving at every Model S I saw. Now you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a Model S! Oh well, there goes the exclusivity...

Lush1 | 09. Mai 2013

Where do you live that the S is that ubiquitous? In Philly, the only other one I have seen is owned by a person that works in the same building I work in. I have yet to see it rolling, just parked.

+1 on everything the OP said. This is the highest end car I've bought new. There may be little things that aren't perfect, but given the quantum leap the Model S represents compared to ICE vehicles, I feel like I got a great deal and try not to complain. I feel lucky to have one, and it has gotten better since it was delivered. I've never had that experience with a car before, without dumping lots of money into it. I'm willing to offer suggestions and constructive criticism, but I don't complain. I love the car, even if it's not 100% perfect yet, but it's damned close. There is no car I would trade my Model S for. It was worth the 3 year wait.

BYT | 09. Mai 2013

@Lush1, in the California, Bay Area there are many. Heck, during my errands today I parked next to two different Model S' today alone and it's currently parked next to a Black Signature. My dad is picking his up at the Fremont Factory on Sunday May 19th.

stephen.kamichik | 09. Mai 2013

Received my model S on April 11, 2013. Now I do not drive my 1999 BMW 328i or my 1976 Datsun 280Z. They USED to be my pride and joys.

Schlermie | 09. Mai 2013

+1 Ditto

celtrog | 09. Mai 2013

Pick up my red one tomorrow!

highfalutintodd | 09. Mai 2013

Haven't seen a single Model S on the road in Tennessee. Am about to change all that in about a week. ;-)

Looking forward to hopefully reporting many trouble free days of driving soon!

mrspaghetti | 09. Mai 2013

Thanks MandL, nice to see a post like this.

c.bussert67 | 10. Mai 2013

Totally agree! Got mine in October as well! Couple little hiccups, but a call and reboot later, they're fixed! I can't do that with my ICE! The problems I have with my other cars are way bigger and require dealership work, so I must grit my teeth as they angle and tell me what else they've found wrong.
I friggin love everything about Tesla! The lack of dealerships, the service, and the car... I've found everything sounds better in the S! I find myself just listening to music in the garage because if I get a song in my head I can go in the S and punch it in! ...and it sounds AWESOME!
As far as the common gripe about charge time, seriously? It charges when I sleep! It's transparent! The S in it's entire operation is transparent. Just walk up, open the door (that used to be locked), hop in and drive (a few seconds ago it was off), the lights turn on, the wipers go when they need to. I get out and walk away as it silently locks and shuts down.
Driving one of my other cars requires inputs at any of those steps! Heaven forbid I forget one of those steps... I guess that's why they have all those buttons and knobs, saying "hey don't forget to do this!"

GettingOldFast | 10. Mai 2013

@EcLectric. I can't even start to swing my cat before she......oh, it's supposed to be dead first....I get it. That would make it much easier...

Seriously, though, six weeks and 1500 miles into it, my MS has had ZERO issues from day one. Okay, okay, there was the time the drivers door popped open while I was waxing the passenger door, but it hasn't inconvenienced me one bit. As many have said before me, it truly a marvel that this complex machine works, and works so reliably. I had basically sworn off American cars because of reliability issues, and here comes one that will (hopefully) put the Japanese to shame.

Leofingal | 10. Mai 2013

Agree - my experience (post delivery) has been fantastic. There was a minor problem (and I mean minor) that I had a ranger come out to fix, and he was absolutely fantastic to talk to. Anyhow, the service is great, and the car has been fantastic for my 4000 miles. Kudos to Tesla.

Ohms.Law | 10. Mai 2013

+1 MandL. Everything you say is true. Everyone needs to stay focused on the real achievement and forget the heartbreak of no cup holder cinchers. ;-

Cattledog | 11. Mai 2013

I've had glitches too, but I think the pano roof would have to blow off on the freeway and batteries fall out in the garage for me to even begin to change my mind about the car. So holistically better than an ICE drive experience.

Well put MandL.

s_curve | 11. Mai 2013

Ditto ManL - NO car that I've ever owned has made me look for a reason to get up and go someplace everyday. NO car I've ever owned has sparked the emotion that I get from onlookers whenever I do.

When I consider the recent automotive recalls of other manufacturers and the nature of what the vehicles are being recalled for, I appreciate my MS even more.

gagliardilou | 11. Mai 2013

Totally agree. Bottom line is it is a pretty remarkable accomplishment. The real question is would you buy it again now that you have experienced it and my answer is absolutely. I want no other car available today as my main car. Regardless of price or the world over I choose model s - by far!

P.s. The stock price shows the accomplishment! What other car company pays you back for the car with the appreciation of the stock? Hold on because not only will it pay you back for the car but it just might pay for your house!