Finally pulled the trigger...

Finally pulled the trigger...

After months of research, test drives, scouring forums, thought, indecision and obsession, this afternoon I retested both the S85 and P85, and ordered (and confirmed) my new P85, MC red, gray leather, tech, pano, UHFS, dual chargers, parking sensors. Needless to say, I am excited beyond belief. A the risk of boring some of you who had been around a while, I just had to share my exuberance. Thanks in no small part to the information gained from following this forum (and reading Nick's book), I feel I made a very well informed decision. Thank you all.

Tâm | 16. Juli 2014


Welcome to the future of today's driving!

Bighorn | 16. Juli 2014

Congrats from another AndyH!

mathwhiz | 16. Juli 2014

Boring? No chance of that...

You're have some serious fun in store, if you can stand the wait... ;)


romainiacWV | 16. Juli 2014

congrats, longest wait in your life. you will not be dissappointed

jjs | 16. Juli 2014

Congrats. Always great to hear about the excitement of a soon to be owner.

Best of luck.

Zyklus | 17. Juli 2014

Congrats! Exact choices I made, -UHFS + performance plus. There aren't many red ones around :)

david.baird | 17. Juli 2014

You're excited now, wait until the final days before delivery :o)

sbeggs | 17. Juli 2014

Congratulations! You have ordered the car of the future!

karmamule | 17. Juli 2014

Good for you @AndyHSoCa! Welcome to Those of Us Who Wait... :) A little under 2 months to go for me. Since you get priority for your P85 order AND you're close to the plant (assuming the SoCa in your name means Southern California) you'll probably get yours close to the same time as I get mine.

May it bring you many many years of happy grins!

Fins | 17. Juli 2014

You will love it....

Webcrawler | 17. Juli 2014


You are going to love it and you can come here and whine about a lack of cup holders like the rest of us.... ;0)

NKYTA | 17. Juli 2014

Fix up the garage while you wait. Only pristine lodgings for your new baby.

Starting Grinning :-)

Dramsey | 17. Juli 2014

Now, you must start The Ritual: logging into the web site to check the status of your car every morning the instant you get up, and perhaps several times during the day...

johncrab | 17. Juli 2014

Welcome to the family. It's a fun process, kind of like waiting for Christmas when you are five. Enjoy the ride to get to the ride!

Rolando Dominguez | 17. Juli 2014

Welcome aboard ! Congrats ! wait until the day your about to meet your new toy... Exciting

MMHouston | 17. Juli 2014

Congrats! I just ordered mine 18 days ago and confirmed on July 13. I couldn't decide between the air and standard suspension, so I didn't confirm early. It feels like a long wait already!

carlk | 17. Juli 2014

Sounds it's about time. A day delayed is a day you're not enjoying this amazing car. I kept asking myself why it took so long for me to decide buy the car.

sundoc | 17. Juli 2014

I just ordered today as well... now we wait patiently :)

AndyHSoCa | 17. Juli 2014

Thanks for the warm welcome. I have factory ordered cars before, and the wait was excruciating each time. I'm sure it will be the same this time, but it helps to share it with people that know the pain. Is it late September yet??

karmamule | 18. Juli 2014

I see I just posted in this thread yesterday but it already feels like a week ago. Time is stretching....

Captain_Zap | 18. Juli 2014

It never gets old hearing about excited new owners-to-be.

Brian H | 20. Juli 2014

Try and prove Dramsey wrong, and refrain from logging on to your account for a whole day. Report your symptoms during and after the attempt. \;)