Finally saw a Tesla in Philly!

Finally saw a Tesla in Philly!

I was just telling my daughter in the car this morning that I never see Teslas on the road, and then there was a white one, right next to me near City Hall!! Though Teslas seem ubiquitous in certain parts of the country, they are few and far between in Philly. I've only seen 3 or 4 in the suburb where I live, and today's sighting was the first I've seen in center city. Can't wait for mine next month!!!!!

JonathanL | 08. Januar 2014

NOFUMES will be in center city on Friday.

MezzaLuna | 08. Januar 2014

PMo4, a few weeks ago I was walking along Frankford Ave late-ish at night and saw one parked there (an unlikely place). The very next day I saw one parked on Market Street in Old City. They're around...

Ragtimer | 08. Januar 2014

Keep lookin' - my Red P85 is all around. Live in Glenside, work in Juniata Park, and love driving it EVERYWHERE .......

carlk | 08. Januar 2014

That rare? I can't remember when was the last time I did NOT see a MS in the SF bay area. It seems to me the car is most popular in areas that their NFL team is most successful. BTW sorry about what happened to the Eagles.

Mathew98 | 08. Januar 2014

@carlk - The East Coast isn't saturated with MS's like Cali yet. In NYC, I've only seen a handful of MS in the wild in the last year.

Although NJ should have an increase % of MS sale due to the tax free perk for EV sales in the state.

The Iggles will be better next year with Foles at the helm full time. The PeeWee Hermans in blue should improve with a revamp O-Line.
The Cowgirls will probably continue to give most of the games away in 4Q again...
The Skins may run rampant with a new coaching staff.

Anthony J. Parisio | 09. Januar 2014

I have spotted at least 10 different MS in Philly over the past year.
Mind you that I live and work in the center of town 24/7. Being a car guy, I have been keeping a keen eye out for them. It seems to me, Philly and the surrounding area dose spend money for the latest and greatest cars. This comes from someone who has lived hear for 54 years. A closer supper charger might sell more faster.

PhillyMomof4 | 09. Januar 2014

Ok @Anthony, @Georgia, @VIN and NOFUMES, since you're out there in Philly: when my car comes next month, where's the best place I can go to get the windows tinted?

wbrown01 | 09. Januar 2014

I had mine since Feb. It did seem for awhile I was the only one, but I seen a white one in center city Philly in April or May. I am in Drexel Hill PA and I am happy to report I see a white MS plugged in over in the next block from me. Good feeling to know there are people so close. I see them around Philly at least once or even sometimes twice a week now.

Manta | 10. Januar 2014

@PhillyMom - Perzan Auto Radio in Upper Darby does window tinting, but mine aren't tinted, so I can't give you a review. They did install my radar detector and laser shifter as well as additional lighting for the rear hatch area and did a great job though. (They've been around over 65 years.)

To the Philly Model S owners - Got any good parking lot/garage recommendations for someone who's paranoid of door dings and not willing to turn my car over to a valet or parking attendant? (I live in the suburbs and don't go to the city much nowadays, but I used to live there and have seen my share of car abuse.)

AlMc | 10. Januar 2014

Cali has great tax incentive that many states on east coast do not.
In addition, we have fewer superchargers (that is changing) and many people from the DC area north believe (rightly or wrongly) that AWD is a must.

Once the SC network gets built out and an AWD S or the X becomes available I believe you will see a big increase in east coast demand and sightings.

JonathanL | 10. Januar 2014

The problem with window tinting is you can't show off your Tesla grin.

Brian H | 11. Januar 2014

And now you want free food? A "supper charger"?? Geez, some people. >:P

bijlee | 11. Januar 2014

I have a red P85+ that I got in July - drive only in the suburbs - around West Chester, PA.
@PhillyMomof4 I have thought of getting tinting too and would love to have a good reference. Also, I have considered OptiCoat Pro, but the closest place I found on-line is beyond Lancaster. Glad to see our #s are growing. I have had really positive experiences with the Norristown service cntr too.

TonyF | 11. Januar 2014

If you'd like to see more Model S's in Philly, you can. Come to a Greater Philly Tesla Owner's Club meeting. Current head is Randy Cherkas []. Email him and he'd be happy to put you on the distribution list for meetings and events.

TonyF | 11. Januar 2014

ps there are several hundred model S's in the Philadelphia area.

Thomas K | 11. Januar 2014

I've had mine since September 2012 in Bucks County, near Doylestown. I was looking at getting windows tinted and came across .
For cosmetic wheel correction and straightening I have used
For wheel alignment I went to Bergey's in Doylestown.
On the first and third Saturday - weather permitting - I meet up with at the Barn Plaza in front of the Starbucks.
I've seen a few other Tesla Model S in the area.

PhillyMomof4 | 11. Januar 2014

Thanks you guys! I saw a silver/grey one last night getting into 476 and almost pulled along side it to say hi!! I'll look into all the links and recs posted.