Front Door Opens Automatically

Front Door Opens Automatically

I hope the automatic front door feature can be configured (or toggled off).

I must lead a bizarre life, because none of these scenarios are too far-fetched in mine.:

A) I walk in to the garage to get a tool while I am fully dressed and have my keys in my pocket.
B) I walk through the garage fully dressed on my way outside to play sports with one of my kids or to tend to the lawn.
C) I walk to the parking lot with a co-worker and might approach my car but still stand and talk without wanting to get in right away.
D) I parallel park on a street. I then feed the meter - with the passenger side of the car near the curb - and then jaywalk *gasp* to cross to the other side of the street, which brings my body towards the driver's side of the vehicle.
E) I park with my vehicle pointing towards a grocery store. I go get my reusable shopping bag from the trunk and then walk towards the store, causing my body to approach and pass the driver's side front of the car. I might even pass the front doors on my way back to the trunk with the groceries when I am done shopping too.

After a while it may start to get annoying if the front door kept popping open at times that I had no intention of getting back into the car. Just saying...

Shelmire | 01. Oktober 2015


Ankit Mishra | 01. Oktober 2015

Hey, so have you configured your car? (just asking, no intention to cause pressure or anything else).

alex.sanders | 01. Oktober 2015

I saw in one of the videos that it can be turned off, and most likely it will be an option. If was getting an X I would probably pay for that option just to be able to show it off to my

VA Tesla | 01. Oktober 2015

I find it intriguing that you mentioned being fully dressed only for scenarios A & B ... ;)

rzander01 | 01. Oktober 2015

Agreed. It's almost annoying that my S pops out the handles every time I'm near it with the key in my pocket when I have no intention of driving it. Having the door open would really be silly especially if it were raining (yes we still dream of one day getting rain in CA).

robert.olinger | 01. Oktober 2015

This is probably what happened during the presentation. The car self presented instead of closing the door when the driver left. Elon had to close it instead.

buickguy | 01. Oktober 2015

I agree with DriverZ, but I think I would find the power door closures to be handy at times.

Iowa92x | 01. Oktober 2015

So what if you aren't fully dressed? You know no pants but fob in hand.

Haggy | 01. Oktober 2015

I might find it preferable to need to press part of the fob to open the door, to keep it from happening on its own. But Tesla decided that even letting the fob open the windows, rather than letting the users configure whether they want that option, was too dangerous since it could happen by mistake. They already took away an option that they advertised and that we paid for. They could do it again. I'm all for user configurable options.

Big T | 01. Oktober 2015

Elon said the car knows if it should open the door by determining you intentions based on how you approach the car. When does it conclude about your intentions if you approach the car while naked?

Roamer@AZ USA | 01. Oktober 2015

If you are staggering the car will recognize that you are inebriated and refuse to open the door.

I assume it will have an off setting and also turn the feature off if you lock the car with the fob.

I am confidant Tesla has considered situations where you don't want auto open and has configured the function accordingly. During the presentation Elon had to walk over and close the door when the poorly timed car appearance happened and the driver walked away leaving the door open.

vandacca | 02. Oktober 2015

I'm pretty sure that during the reveal event, Elon Musk noticed that the doors shouldn't auto-present itself when someone is walking away from the vehicle in the direction of the frunk and figured out the lines of code that need to be added to address that particular scenario. It'll be in the next OTA update.

But if you're truly concerned about the door opening at inopportune times, I recommend you buy the Tesla X ball cap. It comes with EEG sensors that determine your true intent. Or you could simply turn off the feature.

Ross1 | 02. Oktober 2015

Duct tape

jordanrichard | 02. Oktober 2015

I thought I saw in one of the videos from the press, that the driver's door was closed and the reviewer pressed the flush door handle and the door opened.

Mark K | 04. Oktober 2015

Auto opening door has unexpected uses -

Some nightclubs might buy model x just to administer the velvet rope.

Lower recurring cost than a bouncer, and the facial recognition software could be more discerning.

tramline | 04. Oktober 2015

I think you are underestimating the power of Elon Musk, my friends , the vehicle can determine your intentions as you approach the car. This vehicle has more than just the ability to self drive, communicate with other MXs but it also has the ability to read your mind...
A.I is creeping up on us... :)

Red Sage ca us | 04. Oktober 2015

Autobots: Transform, and roll out!

jordanrichard | 04. Oktober 2015

The X knows your intentions of getting into it, like the automatic door at the supermarket knows your intentions to enter the store. This concept in of itself is not new, just on a car it is.