Front license plate?

Front license plate?

Anyone know where this would be mounted on the X, I don't see a place for it in any of the pics.

jordanrichard | 26. Dezember 2015

Look at the MS, where is the built in mounting point for a plate? On the X it will be like the S and it will involved drilling and mounting a separate bracket.

aesculus | 26. Dezember 2015

And now with Bonnie's post stating the front radar is in the area, there is a whole new controversy on the subject of front license plate mounting.

TonyInNH | 26. Dezember 2015

It doesn't need to be in the center, it could be off to the side, though I don't know how weird that will look without actually trying it.

Redmiata98 | 26. Dezember 2015

I had the plate on my S off to the driver's side and as close as possible to the edge of the chrome piece. It was out of the way of the fan of the radar and worked well. Aestheticaly, it was not the best but beat no plate or drilling through the black plastic. My plan is to do the same with X if it can be placed so as to not interfere with the radar fan. (The black plastic cable ties held it in place for 14 months with no evident wear to the cables.)

TonyInNH | 26. Dezember 2015

Someone on the Facebook Tesla group posted this

Looks sweet.

TonyInNH | 26. Dezember 2015
MrBuffer | 26. Dezember 2015

@Tony ~ That may be the perfect solution!

TonyInNH | 26. Dezember 2015

I'm trying to see if there's an easy way to expose the plate when the car is powered on and retract it when off. | 26. Dezember 2015

Here's a batch of products that deal with the front licence plate (originally written for the Model S, but mostly applies to the X).

Farmer Dave | 26. Dezember 2015


FWIW, the only time I was ticketed for no front plate was by a meter maid. They apparently like to use the front plate while doing their paperwork (two tickets!).

modelx2015 | 26. Dezember 2015

Can we tell Tesla not to put the front plate bracket on the vehicle. I don't want to put the front plate on.

kittylitter | 26. Dezember 2015

There is no factory front plate bracket and no real place for one. It appears that the X was not designed for a front license plate.

MYYModelX | 26. Dezember 2015

Uh - probably a dumb question... but why would a car manufacturer make a car that doesn't comply with the law and would give the driver a ticket?

kittylitter | 26. Dezember 2015

Not every state requires a front plate. For us in states that do, it is a dilemma; drill into the front facias of our $145,000 cars or risk an eventual ticket.

MYYModelX | 26. Dezember 2015

haha - apparently my husband says his car (a Porsche, which I rarely drive) doesn't have a front license plate either and that people just opt to pay the ticket. If I hadn't been reading these discussions I probably wouldn't have ever noticed that our X had no license plate... :O

paradis | 27. Dezember 2015

How about: "Sorry Officer, but the car is new and Tesla did not have front license plate brackets in stock. They are on order"? | 27. Dezember 2015

@kittylitter - Tesla drills holes in your bumper to install the licence plate holder on both the S and X.

@modelx2015 - You can ask Tesla not to install the holder (in states where it is required), but you need to be very clear before delivery (and maybe during production. In California, they are required to install a front plate holder, but Tesla in the past has allowed to you take the holder and screws and let you install it. I think you need to sign a paper too that you are taking responsibility for installing it.

Most (all?) car dealers in California install the front plate holder before you even see the car (usually drilling holes in the bumper too).

TonyInNH | 27. Dezember 2015

@Farmer Dave
What state?

Farmer Dave | 27. Dezember 2015

It was in San Francisco, CA. I lived in the Bay Area before moving to PA. No front plates are required (or provided) in PA.

henry | 27. Dezember 2015

We didn't install the front license on two of our S's & they never gave a ticket in NJ/NY so far. It looks so much better w/o it! The service center here asks if you want it installed when you go for pickup. When we look at other S's around they tend not to have them either.

clublon | 27. Dezember 2015

I bought a used SC400 with no front plate nor did factory install brackets. I am in Minnesota a state that requires a front plate. Dealer said previous owner risked it. About week 3 I got stopped two days in a row for no front plate. The first officer bought the argument about dealer selling me a car without a plate. The second officer did not care. After about twenty minutes he came back to my car to tell me the computers were not working and he could not give me a ticket. I ended up back at the dealer. They drilled holes in front end. Solution -- I moved to Florida this week. A state that does not require a front plate.

TonyInNH | 27. Dezember 2015


A bit extreme, I'll have to think about it :)

Red Sage ca us | 27. Dezember 2015

Further details:


Though some argue that any 'unique identifier' may be used at the front of the car... They figure that allows one to use a 'Novelty Plate' instead of the State issued one. I didn't see anything to that effect in the code above, but I didn't read it fully.