Full Consumer Reports Article

Full Consumer Reports Article

Anyone have a link to the full consumer reports article just published?

Seems to imply there is more to the review if you subscribe but im not going to just read the review ; /

kilimats | 09. Mai 2013

that video ending was TRUELY priceless, Tesla outperforms other car company even those around for more than a HUNDRED years!!!!

Model S is what EV1 should have been !

archibaldcrane | 09. Mai 2013

The other thread about the CR review has login info and a copy/paste of the article.

shaneosullivan1 | 09. Mai 2013

I'm just going to buy their magazine. They deserve it!

oakport | 10. Mai 2013

Here is the link to the full article. However, I believe you must be s subscriber to get it all. Good luck!

BTW - it's a great article that asks MS owners to participate in the review.


Tesla Model S Review - Consumer Reports

Click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser:

Please note: Some content is available only to subscribers. You may not be able to view this content unless you are a subscriber. Join today, at

Michu | 10. Mai 2013

Maybe because there are enough people who do not care about cup holders, arm rests and door pockets and who are happy about the exceptional space instead of a cluttered center console.

Reli | 10. Mai 2013

I wish someone would PDF it so I can read it... :)

oakport | 10. Mai 2013

I have made a PDF copy of the articoe but don't know how to post it to this forum. Any suggestions?

Vawlkus | 10. Mai 2013

Host it elsewhere and link it here is about all you can do.

oakport | 10. Mai 2013

This has become more complicated than I can spend more time figuring out! If you are interested in a PDF copy of the article, please use my email address (above) and I will send it to you.


Brian H | 10. Mai 2013

Use Google Docs; you can save just about any kind of info or document there, and provide the URL. Try it, you'll like it.

bottesini | 12. Mai 2013

To read the full CR review on their site you need a subscription. It's gushing in just about every respect & MS owners should be really pleased. CR is usually "takes no prisoners" with their auto reviews so to get one like this - with a 99% rating no less - is spectacular. Congrats to Tesla & kudos to all of you for being early supporters. I'm hoping to join you in the near future.

I have a tire-related question that maybe some of you owners can help me out with. I've been driving a Porsche 911 for about 12 years & as one might expect from a 80K+ car it's been quite a ride. Extremely reliable & generally a pleasure to live with - EXCEPT for the $@%$&ing tires! I've got both summer and winter tires & while I can't complain about their performance I've got to say they are most fragile shoes any moving vehicle can be saddled with. I've had more flats in the past 12 years than all of the cars I've driven, combined during the previous 40 years.

My concern is that the MS doesn't even come with a small spare tire. I realize that most of you have probably owned the car less that a year, but I'm wondering how you've been doing with tires so far. I also realize that considering the weight & performance of the MS, tires will probably not last too long before having to be replaced, but I'm already used to that with the Porsche. My question is more related to simple road hazards, the kind most Hondas, Toyotas, Fords & the like take in stride - tin cans, small nails, rough curb sides, etc. - but seem to search out vehicles with high performance tires with a vengeance. I'm sure that those of you who've graduated from other performance-type tires know full well what I'm referring to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



AlMc | 12. Mai 2013

Frank.....Probably best to start a new thread to get those questions answered more quickly.

SamO | 12. Mai 2013


The cars are now shipping with patch and air kit, so you can always make it back to get proper repair/replace. The patch equivalent of a doughnut tire.

Robert22 | 13. Mai 2013

Only in states that require it, per Ownership.

jdb | 14. Mai 2013

I plan to buy the CR issue and also become a subscriber. I let my subscription lapse years ago but they deserve the purchase and subscription.

hamer | 14. Mai 2013

I subscribe to Consumer Reports. I have the CR app on my iPad. I'm signed in on it. I still don't seem to be able to read it there. I went to their web site and signed in. I still don't seem to be able to read it.

It is in the July "Preview" issue; maybe it won't let me read more than a preview in a preview issue.

stevenmaifert | 14. Mai 2013

My local library subscribes to CR. I plan to read the article there.

Robert22 | 14. Mai 2013

Many local libraries are now using Zinio to moderate their collections. It's worth checking. The entire roster of library magazine titles can now be sent directly to your Zinio account on a monthly basis by linking the library account to your personal Zinio account. I dumped all my subscriptions and let my taxes cover it now. The Zinio logo is usually present somewhere on the library homepage if they participate, but it's fairly new so ask if you don't see it.

PaceyWhitter | 15. Mai 2013


Many carmakers are going without spares, as studies have shown that only a small percentage of spares are ever used and they take up space that could be better used:

jdb | 15. Mai 2013

Just subscribed to CR using credit card online, $29 for 12 issues of magazine, they deserve our support, good organization.

GettingOldFast | 15. Mai 2013

The other advantage of being a CR subscriber is that you will be asked to participate in their annual reliability survey. Obviously, if the numbers are too small, CR excludes the model due to insufficient data.