In general, how crowded are the Fremont Superchargers?

In general, how crowded are the Fremont Superchargers?

I should have my Mod S in the next 4 days (the last I heard, the delivery window to me in Reno was the 25th-28th of this month.)

I'd like to take a drive to San Jose, where my wife and I have a condo. However, it will be several weeks yet before the 240V outlet is installed in that carport. I'll charge up in Folsom, of course, and I figure the Fremont chargers, only 20 miles from my place, would top me off so I could drive around a little before heading back the next day.

The plan is that I would leave Reno about 10AM, have lunch while the car's connected to the Folsom chargers, and then get into Fremont area around 2:30 or so.

So, those of you who've used them: in general how crowded are these Superchargers?

ir | 24. September 2013

Don't forget about Gilroy where they are adding more stations.

I stopped by Fremont where 2 spots were taken by prototypes / demo (they have MFG plates). The other 2 were established owners (have license plates) and at least one waiting in line.

ir | 24. September 2013

Also, there is a Target nearby with ChargePoint that is free for first 2 hours. | 24. September 2013

I have never had a wait at Fremont, but I go at kinda odd time - early/mid morning and early/mid afternoon during the week.


Dramsey | 24. September 2013

Well, the Gilroy superchargers are 30 miles south of my condo-- so I'd use 60 miles of range just getting there and back (since I'm coming north, from Reno). Better than nothing, I suppose, but dicey for this particular drive.

Even if ChargePoint has 80 amp charging, I'd need to sit there for two hours to get what the Superchargers could give me in 30 minutes, so probably not...

From Omar's experience, it sounds as if I'd have a good chance if I left earlier and got to Fremont around 1-2PM.

RedShift | 24. September 2013

Never had to wait. Most of the time I was the only car there, and the most crowded was when there were 2 others.

I have gone at all times of the day, and mostly during weekends.

RedShift | 24. September 2013

Also the charge point at Automall Target is only one hour free. Not two.

Michael39 | 24. September 2013

I have been there three times and was only able to charge once. All three times the first two stalls had factory cars in them that were probably full and hogging the spots.

AirForce462 | 24. September 2013

I have tried several times during the week after work and all stalls are usually full. I recommend either morning or early afternoon. The up side is there are generally one or two hpwc's available if you look around the Fremont factory lot, you can then walk across the street to the taqueria Las Vegas and grab a bite to eat.

negarholger | 24. September 2013

@Dramsey - I was only once at Fremont SC and there was one other car and service was testing a customer car for a couple of minutes. Deliveries are charged and prepared at the service center and should not clog up the SC. Folsom and Fremont are you natural charging spots and filling up at Fremont should give you enough to drive around in SJ.

CalDreamin | 24. September 2013

There are also HPWC on the outside wall at the Fremont service center which is on the factory grounds.

SUN 2 DRV | 24. September 2013

What day of the week? I've been to the Fremont store a couple of times on the weekends (eg last saturday around 4-5:00 PM) and there have always been four cars using the SCs. | 24. September 2013

If there are cars awaiting delivery sitting in the HPWC charging stalls, if you ask nicely, they will usually move them. BTW, on the left side of the main entrance (the big white building to the left of delivery center) are a row of 240V/30A chargers.


David15 | 24. September 2013

There's a National Plug-In Day event at Idlewild Park in Reno on Sunday, the 29th (10 am - 4pm) if you have your S by then and want to bring it by. There should be a few other Teslas there, some Leafs, Zero bikes and a Fisker Karma I hear.

pimp-boy | 24. September 2013

Went there last weekend on a Sunday at 10pm. Used the car all day on Sunday and needed to drive to Sacramento that night. Got there and all 4 spots were taken. Waited 20 minutes before one opened up. Charged for 25 minutes and then took off to Sac. At least 2 inconsiderate people were there the whole time I waited for a SC and the whole time I charging = 45 minutes.

From what I understand from the Tesla Employee, they said people top off their cars at the weekend for the next week of driving. How CHEAP are you people to save $1-$2 on electricity for a $100k car?!?!?!?

Sorry.. Just venting for inconsiderate people!

keichhor | 24. September 2013

I agree. The first weekend Fremont SC's opened I went there and saved about $2.20, which took about 45 minutes, since the spots were all taken.

Realizing that I make a few more dollars per hour than that; I no longer use the SC's 3 miles from my house!

negarholger | 24. September 2013

@icsyung - yes, with "rich" people you can learn how to be cheap. Rich people have money, wealthy people have time. I prefere to be wealthy and charge in my garage for $40 a month and enjoy my time.

SunCoulombs | 24. September 2013

I also never had to wait there. Not on weekends and even not during the week.

konassc | 25. September 2013

Both Friday at 4PM and Saturday at 6:30 PM all spots were occupied. On Saturday at least 1 car was already waiting.

Gizmotoy | 25. September 2013

@icsyung: Is it not possible that they were empty and needed a full charge to make their next destination? 45 minutes is not enough for that.

Dramsey | 25. September 2013

There's a National Plug-In Day event at Idlewild Park in Reno on Sunday, the 29th (10 am - 4pm) if you have your S by then and want to bring it by. There should be a few other Teslas there, some Leafs, Zero bikes and a Fisker Karma I hear.

Well, I've signed up (at the time, there was one other Model S and the Karma signed up). Of course this supposes I will have my car by then. I checked this morning and all they could tell me was that it was still scheduled for the "original date", which is actually Sept. 25-28. They said the driver would typically call 24 hours in advance. So I'm crossing my fingers...

David15 | 25. September 2013

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too. The last few days are the worst, kinda like a paper cut. Hope to see you there. By the way, I've used the supercharger in Folsom and it was great, no wait and plenty to do arount there for an hour.

Dramsey | 25. September 2013

And...just got the call. The car will be here tomorrow morning!

SamO | 25. September 2013

Today at 630:

4 people charging. Me and one other car waiting. Went and got Taqueria Las Vegas while it charged. Two cars were waiting when we got back.

tomkist | 25. September 2013

Kiechhor - Were you the Tesla I saw the other morning at Paseo Padre and Mission (7:15-ish)?

During the week, 4pm is prime time for picking up new cars, so the super charger spots are frequently filled with cars for pick-up. New owners go through the checklist inside then go on the tour; while on the tour, the cars are moved outside and more cars brought inside for other customers.