The GM "nod"

The GM "nod"

I can't help but contrast the Tesla "grin" with the GM "nod". Let's hope that the grin stays pure. | 05. Juni 2014
Red Sage ca us | 05. Juni 2014

Yeah... That's pretty bad. Goodbye, GM. | 07. Juni 2014

The value of companies is largely defined by their corporate culture.
That's why companies like Boeing, Phillip Morris, 3M, and Nordstrom have created continuing shareholder value for many decades.
So far, Tesla appears to have a can-do culture with a grand mission.
Let's hope it continues, as the company grows.
GM's treatment of the ignition switch is an example of corporate insanity, a creating loss of value and, if not fixed, the end of the company.
I used to work for AT&T when it was the world's largest corporation. It was a great company with a wonderful network but the company's management failed to respect the right of a little guy in Texas to connect a radio to their network. As a result, the company was eventually blown to smithereens by the Justice Department.
GM is not as big as AT&T was and is not too big to fail.

Roamer@AZ USA | 07. Juni 2014

Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat history.

I really liked the chapter that describes how a committee will make a bad decision that no individual member of the committee would make on their own as an individual.

Geargehawley, Your comments about creating a corporate culture are dead on.

Red Sage ca us | 08. Juni 2014

The problem is that some have the weird belief that the purpose of a committee is to either make a decision themselves, or come to a consensus as to what should be recommended to a larger body of decision makers. Neither is correct. There should be one person at the table that is responsible for decision making. The rest are there, not to agree, not to vote, but to contribute to that decision making process. Bring some information to the table so that the decision can be made with as much data as possible. Allow every single aspect to be weighed and measured. That way you actually have a responsible individual making an informed decision they can be accountable for whether good or ill. Instead, committees as run as a means of insulating any and all attendees from any responsibility whatsoever. That process cannot be allowed to continue in any business that intends to move into the future. It is only retained by those that will remain firmly entrenched in the past.