Grey exterior w/ tan interior thoughts??

Grey exterior w/ tan interior thoughts??

Hey everyone, made the plunge and need to finalize the order today, anyone have thoughts or own the color combination above? Know there is a level of personal taste involved.... Cannot wait to own this thing!

Tom | 08. Juli 2013

We picked up our gray, black roof, gray leather, 85, 21 inch wheels, at the factory on June 27!! We love our color choices and we are loving the Tesla ride!! We are glad we went with gray interior. The gray exterior really shows off the Model S lines. Enjoy the entire Tesla experience!!

blisSfullee | 08. Juli 2013

I got the tan leather with the blue exterior and love it. But I think I would go with the black or grey interior with a grey exterior.

geucey | 08. Juli 2013

I got the Silver with tan leather + lacewood, great combo!

TSLAPWR | 08. Juli 2013

Grey, Pano, Tan Leather + Lacewood, Absolutely Love it!

mrspaghetti | 08. Juli 2013

The only comment I have about the tan interior is that a very similar interior in my wife's BMW showed every speck of dirt. Going with the gray for my Model S for that reason.

Good luck :)

SamO | 08. Juli 2013

grey + tan is stunning. Saw it in the showroom and it pops.

blisSfullee | 08. Juli 2013

After you get your MS you might want to consider the red center cap inserts for the wheels. They are made by one of the owners. I got the red for my blue exterior but think they would be hot on grey. See link

Brian H | 08. Juli 2013

I envision the designers with separate spinners, randomly checking combos to make sure there are no "ugly" matches.

mumanoff | 08. Juli 2013

Finalized my order for "Brown" with tan interior.

jrettinger | 08. Juli 2013

I'm glad you asked this! I'm going Grau exterior but am debating tan or gray interior. Anyone have pictures?

SamO | 08. Juli 2013

The grey interior is not to my taste. It's very sterile.

JonathanL | 08. Juli 2013

I have grey with grey rims and black interior and I think it is stunning. My only concern with black interior was how hot it would get in the summer. Well it is summer and it has been really hot around here and the car is cooler than my BMW's with tan and grey interiors (not that I drive those cars much anymore). I am debating color choice for my second Model S to replace the aforementioned BMW's, and I think I will get black exterior, gray wheels and tan interior. If you know where your local distribution center is, go there and check out the color combos on the cars waiting to be picked up. Seeing the combo in person really helps.

TeslaLandShark | 08. Juli 2013

I got Grey exterior with black interior. Picked it up at the factory on March 5th. I saw that combo at the Menlo Park store and loved it. I call it my Tesla LANDSHARK.

My previous car had tan leather and tan carpet. The seats were easy to keep clean with leather cleaner but those tan carpets got dirty really quickly.

mlnewman1 | 08. Juli 2013

Pearl white with tan leather. Smoooooooth.

ramtaz | 08. Juli 2013

PICK what you like!! That's why its called DESIGN!!

suratchai | 08. Juli 2013

I got the Gray and tan with the pano roof and its looks AWESOME!!!

AJMitch_85 | 23. Juli 2013

We got the Grey Metallic Paint, Pano Roof, Obeche Wood Matte Décor, Tan Leather, 21" Silver Wheels. I think it's a classy killer look. Delivery in Sept in King of Prussia PA. Can't wait.

Milanrawal | 23. Juli 2013

Grey, black leather, lacewood.

2-Star | 23. Juli 2013

Silver P85, grey leather interior, obeche glossy, 19" wheels. Delivered 7/16 to Southwest Harbor, ME. VERY happy with car and with colors and options. Naples, FL in the winter, so no pano.

EclecticCitizen | 23. Juli 2013

I have the color combo you mention. I love it and I get compliments all the time. The tan leather works well with the colors of the obeche wood trim too. Grey interior with grey pain was too much grey for me. Black interior was drab, and family cautioned me that their black interiors showed too much lint and dirt. That led me to the tan. It adds an elegant contrast to the exterior. Tan does show dirt easily, but I still am satisfied.

I agree that you should try to see some in person to get the full effect. Lining up the color options in the showroom doesn't do it justice. You won't really know if you like the whole look unless you see it all put together.

Brian H | 23. Juli 2013

Grey interior and grey pain can really wear you down.

KennyB@US-FL | 23. Juli 2013

I myself am still in design mode. My favorite color is the Signature Red, but I was totally bummed when I went for my test drive to find that the current red has more of an orange tint to it. It's more of a bright red than a dark red. I didn't realize they had discontinued the Signature Red.

Right now I have Silver/grey in my design page. Saw the Silver at the service center and it looked very classy. The car I saw had the black interior, but I prefer the two-tone effect the grey leather creates with the black carpet, steering wheel, dash. My last car was very close to the Tesla Blue, and it was beautiful when clean, but spotted very easily. I guess my next choice would be the Grey, but I'm still giving the Red some serious thought.

ev4life | 23. Juli 2013

Argh! This is my struggle right now. We have an order in that will finalize on July 30th. Have all the options set (Pano, Premium sound, Air suspension, Rear seats) and I can't choose between Standard white, Grey or Silver. I've seen all but the regular white in person and the online pictures don't help much.

romainiacWV | 25. Juli 2013

Just for follow-up, started this thread but have since finalized my order with the standard white paint and tan interior. I agonized over every photo I could find of the different paint options and liked the white (high contrast) best, especially with some mods like tinted windows. Not taken delivery yet but hopefully will be happy when it arrives. Still like that grey though, maybe on Tesla #2 someday.... White will be easier to care for too I suppose. Agree with some posters that there are no bad colors on the car.

DFibRL8R | 25. Juli 2013

Agree about no bad color combos. I have Gray/tan and have enjoyed it but did have some hesitation about the combo prior to delivery. I tend to like the look of tan leather in general. Remember, when you are driving, you really only see the interior by itself (you're not seeing the car in an exterior/interior combination). Also there is already a lot of black in the interior and the lighter leather helps lighten the interior space. Lastly, how the interior looks from outside is significantly impacted by window glare/tint. Pick your favorite paint color and your favorite interior without undue focus on the two in combination.

DFibRL8R | 25. Juli 2013

PS I am in Northern Virginia and would happily show the car to anyone who wants to see the combo in person. Can contact through Tesla Motors Club private message option (same screen name on TMC).

hcwhy | 16. Januar 2014

The only combination I can't picture is brown with gray....also not sure about silver/tan, but someone said they ordered it and looked great. I guess you have to see it in the flesh and everyone's taste is different.

Haeze | 16. Januar 2014

Keep in mind, no matter what color interior you choose, the headliner will already be a cream/tan color. So even if you get the grey interior, it will still have tan on just about everything above the dashboard in the interior. This means Tan is never a bad idea.

In my opinion, the grey leather looked a bit odd with the tan headliner.

notice | 16. Januar 2014

I have gray w tan and pano - love it!
#18055 s85
Nice contrast

olive tree | 07. April 2015

I'm thinking about the silver with grey interior - but, to be honest, I'm torn. I really love the grey exterior, too. Any thoughts?

Beartooth | 07. April 2015

Either is great, but consider the black alcantara headliner as the tan would seem to clash with the grey upholstery. I ordered silver, grey, black.

Mystery Lab | 07. April 2015

I have the grey with tan interior, but the silver has more contrast with the pano roof. I didn't want silver because that's what I had on my last car. Just wanted a change.

Also, silver disguises the dirt better than the dark grey.

But I love my colour combo just the same.

LizzieG | 07. April 2015

Great choice with the tan leather. Makes for a very elegant and open interior with all the light reflected from the Pano roof, if you get that option. After getting used to the open/airy/clean feeling of a tan interior I can never go back to a black interior.

Scoopok | 07. April 2015

Received mine a month ago. Grey with grey interior. The grey exterior is lighter than I anticipated with blue flecks-Beautiful. The interior grey is quite a bit lighter which makes for great contrast. Black headliner makes this one beautiful car!!

jsimon | 07. April 2015

@Scoopok I just got the exact same color combo...and love it.

tesla | 07. April 2015

Pearl white exterior with black performance seats with red trim AWESOME!!

douglasstuckey | 07. April 2015

I have purchased the silver with grey leather. We were about to get the red but agree with the comments regarding how bright the new red is. We walked into the showroom in Sydney and both my wife and I immediately said 'Silver it is" It's not mid life crisis, but very cool, and after all, i am in late life crisis!
Hoping to get my car next month. | 07. April 2015

My Silver S85D with tan interior and pano roof is due in May. I just liked the contrast of the tan interior and it's the color of my current cars interior. I was afraid the gray interior with the silver paint would be too monotone. The accents inside with headliner and dash really do break up the colors with any combination. I also got silver because my current car is dark gray but the Tesla gray is beautiful.