Guess for me

Guess for me

I'm reservation # 13,5XX. Any guess for me when I'll get to configure and then get the actual car?

I guess March email to configure, May delivery.

ian | 26. September 2015

Sounds about right. | 26. September 2015

Sounds a little optimistic to me..I'm thinking maybe reservations 9,000-10,000 in the tine frames. 13,000+ maybe a month or so later. | 26. September 2015

Time frame gussied above that is.

socalsam | 27. September 2015

I agree with George. I'm reservation 12xxx and I don't think I'll be getting the car till next summer. So unfortunately I'll be passing up my reservation as I need a car now. I had posted that I'd be willing to wait and if I could get a car later this year, novemberish, I would figure out something temporarily. However, I can't wait till next summer so I'll be picking up an SUV on a 2 year lease and then will get the model x. Not ideal but timing didn't work out for me as I can't be car less till next summer.

Khagge1 | 27. September 2015

Financially next Summer works best for me. I'll ride out my rusty 2004 Durango as long as I can :). I figure the longer I have to wait the better chance I'll get in on improvements such as a possibly improved Battery or side cameras.

socalsam | 27. September 2015

Id like to get it now but its not in the cards. Ill get a later version and hopefully all the bugs will be out by then. I just cant wait till next summer.

paradis | 27. September 2015

@socalsam - have you considered It worked great for me. You can pick your car and lease term (anywhere from 3 to 24+ months).

socalsam | 27. September 2015

Good cal paradis- I know about swap a lease but hadn't thought of it. I'll check it out. I have t cancelled my deposit yet. Was waiting till Tuesday passed just to be double sure what my plan was going to be.

vrykolas | 28. September 2015

Why not just buy a reasonable (low depreciation) car?

For example, our 2014 Honda Odyssey (12k miles/year) is worth almost as much as we bought it (direct sale to 3rd party).

It might end up being cheaper than leasing a car short term.

socalsam | 28. September 2015

Not interested in driving a honda.

grant10k | 28. September 2015

Why not just buy a different reasonable (low depreciation) car?

For example, our 2014 Toyota Tacoma (12k miles/year) is worth almost as much as we bought it (direct sale to 3rd party).

It might end up being cheaper than leasing a car short term.

chulee2 | 28. September 2015

@socalsam - as paradis suggested swapalease is a good option to consider. Something to keep in mind is that it does take about 2 solid months to process a transfer using swapalease AND that's after you have managed to reach agreement with the seller.

I went through this earlier this spring when I found a buyer to take over my Lexus CT lease, which had 12 months left on it. Even though the buyer and I agreed on the terms, it took 8 weeks to finally get all the paperwork completed. So, thought you should factor that timeframe into your planning for a vehicle.

socalsam | 28. September 2015

@Chulee2. appreciate the heads up.

@grant10k - will look into it see my options.

paradis | 28. September 2015

@socalsam - Mine didn't take that long. Mercedes turned the paperwork around in less than 2 weeks. If you consider it, make sure you ask about the transfer fee and the termination fee. Mercedes is very high, so I negotiated with the seller and he picked up half. These deals are all negotiable, with sellers frequently offering incentives to reduce the monthly payment.

lkashworth | 29. September 2015

@georgehawley How about a guess for #8700? My current lease is up February 2.