GUI smooth?

GUI smooth?

I'm sure everyone reading this used an IPAD 2/3 before.

How does the model S GUI compares to the IPAD fluidity wise? i've seen numerous youtube video showing jerkiness while using the map, are those lags addressed with the latest version ?

glaserud | 20. Februar 2013

I guess the jerkiness is due to the driver bumping into things because he's browsing on the GUI instead of looking ahead. ;)

Can't say I noticed any jerkiness when I tested the Model S, but didn't use it for more than a few minutes.

Electron | 20. Februar 2013

The browser is pretty bad. The rest is snappy and responsive. About like the iPad I would say, maybe
a touch less responsive.

I'm not sure what's going on with the browser, but my guess is it's not given many resources and
it wasn't a super high priority to the development team (rightfully so).

dahtye | 20. Februar 2013

The 3G seems a bit slow when browsing or using Google Maps. I don't think the problem is with the GUI though, but that's my opinion without actually seeing a performance breakdown.

village33 | 20. Februar 2013

GUI is super fast on mine. 3G things seems about as fast as on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

rkang | 20. Februar 2013

GUI seems choppy like Android and not smooth like iOS.
(to me, at least)

DTsea | 20. Februar 2013

The browser is like an Ipad with a (very) slow internet connection. Everything else is immediate and crisp.

Occasionally internet radio skips when in coverage weak areas.

cloroxbb | 20. Februar 2013

Are a couple of you getting the terms GUI and 3G mistaken? Or thinking they mean the same thing?

From videos I have seen, the GUI seems pretty quick. The GUI is the user interface of the OS (operating system). The 3G is the "internet connection" and of course is slow. The browser is going to be laggy since it is utilizing 3G. When the use of WiFi becomes available, the browser, and updating of google maps will be much faster (when connected to WiFi of course).

The Tegra 3 SoC is very fast, and it has 2 of them, the GUI better be quick :)

scriptacus | 20. Februar 2013

I've seen it mentioned that the browser uses KHTML which is apparently slower than some of the alternatives (Chrome, etc...) Maybe with some luck Tesla will swap to a snappier browser in the future.

Pungoteague_Dave | 20. Februar 2013

The browser and overall interface is very slow when depending on communication. Operating controls respond instantly, but things like google email pages and nav map updates can take an eternity. This doesn't bother me to much, but it isn't close to comparable with our iPads.

The resolution is perfectly fine - zero pixelation, although the dashboard location makes the distance to eyes further than with iPads. There is an option to change browser and mapping zoom. In full detail modes, there is more than I can read, and the type on the secondary road names is way too small for my 55-year-old lasered eyes.

Video of any kind is not supported.

aaronw2 | 20. Februar 2013

The Qt toolkit which Tesla based their GUI off of just uses the standard Webkit browser. I don't think it has any of the enhancements added by Chrome or some of the other variants. I am guessing they may be using QT 4.x. QT 5 should be noticeably smoother since it will make use of OpenGL for rendering.

nside | 20. Februar 2013

The browser and maps are awfully slow (esp in full screen, in which case it is unusable for me).

moca | 20. Februar 2013

Tesla Model S uses Tegra 3 CPU+GPU, which is known to be slow due to its 32-bit memory bus. Try Motorola Xoom or Google Nexus 7, you will see the performance is poor. Model S also uses Android, which only fixed the smoothness issue with Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean (search for Project Butter). There is not much Tesla can do at this time. I am sure future generation of hardware and software will fix the problem, but that is like all other electronics. Future is always better. :)

Robert22 | 20. Februar 2013

The tiling delay in nav mode should improve with 4G should it not?

scriptacus | 21. Februar 2013

@moca - I don't think the S uses Android, though the base OS is Linux. (Like Android)

Pungoteague_Dave | 21. Februar 2013

Robert, there is no 4g on the S, nor is any such chip on the car per TM. We ain't getting any faster until we upgrade to new hardware (eg new car). I expect that TM will do regular hardware upgrades on the basic design, changing some features with newer production runs, kind of like MB and Porsche do now, sometimes changing electronic parts mid-year, so they have to know the VIN to determine whether your car has certain features. But neither they, nor TM, are obligated or expected to upgrade hardware on cars that have already been delivered. So we have the phones we have and that's it.