Has Tesla just quietly confirmed the Model X delay suggested in the USA Today Article?

Has Tesla just quietly confirmed the Model X delay suggested in the USA Today Article?

It looks like they've quietly updated the slide on the website. Here's the article:

gfb107 | 17. Oktober 2014

I don't see any confirmation from Tesla. The Model X page still says

Also notice this change on the page you linked:
Article Updated 17 Oct 14, 13:28. The earlier section claiming that Tesla had confirmed a slip in Model X delivery dates has been removed as unsupported by references. Thanks go to our readers who contacted us.

sra | 17. Oktober 2014

A confirmation of a delivery date of X from Tesla will be much appreciated.

vandacca | 17. Oktober 2014

At this time, I don't believe that Tesla knows of an exact date the vehicle and production lines will be ready, so that's probably why they haven't provided one.

However, they did provide a 3-month range of April-June 2015. As they resolve more and more issues, they'll likely be able to narrow down that window. I'm expecting a more firm commitment (on release date) from Tesla in January.

If you haven't yet put a deposit down on a MX, then don't expect to get one next year. They are already sold out for all of 2015.

HenryT2 | 26. Oktober 2014

I'm REALLY hoping they're going back to the drawing board on how to make the car look nicer. It's not that the Model X is outright ugly - until you compare it to the Model S. Put it up against other SUV/crossovers and it's just okay. Not horrible, but certainly not the best.

I understand that by their very nature, they are more difficult to make look really good. But it just doesn't seem like they tried very hard. Seems like they just took the Model S design, made it taller, and switched in gull wing doors.

I've got one on order. The most important thing to me is the functionality. BUT, if I've got to wait another six months or a year so that they can make it look nicer, I'd be happy to do so. | 26. Oktober 2014

HenryT2 ---- never going to happen.

I'll put money on Signature X deliveries starting before Dec 25, 2014.

vandacca | 26. Oktober 2014

@TDurden, I strongly suggest you retract your wager. Every indication is that Model-X won't start shipping until mid-2015.

As of February 2014, the company expects to begin deliveries for retail customers in the second quarter of 2015

That estimate from Telsa was almost a year ago, which means that additional delays can push that date even further away.

Red Sage ca us | 26. Oktober 2014

I suppose that eight months is technically, 'almost a year ago'...

paradis | 27. Oktober 2014

I've had a couple of conversations with the national sales office very recently and they say they are still hoping for a December, 2014 reveal with first deliveries in "early 2015". They say they are not allowed to confirm any dates until they are ready to reveal but still think they are on target and that folks making reservations today are still being told Fall 2015 deliveries. If you do the math on production ramp-up, in order to deliver current orders before the end of the year deliveries will have to start in very early 2015. I agree that the lack communication is very frustrating but my conversations with them renewed my hope that they are on target for a reveal around year-end (this year that is LOL)