Have deliveries started to rest of signature owners off the production line yet?

Have deliveries started to rest of signature owners off the production line yet?

Now that the 5 very special people got their Model X cars. Have deliveries started off of the production line for the rest of buyers?
Is there a thread to start calling out serial numbers of those that have received their car as we did with the S?

hsadler | 02. Oktober 2015

Not sure what you mean by 'rest' of Signature owners. Do you know of any that have been delivered to them?

NumberOne | 02. Oktober 2015

Only the Founder cars were delivered and, yes, Elon counts, so 6, not 5. He paid for his car too! and those cost more than the sigs with ludi mode. As far as signature deliveries, I am sure that @thebonnie will let everyone know when they take deliver or have a delivery date, so you needn't concern yourself.

Kimscar | 02. Oktober 2015

@LeonardD This is more of understanding where Tesla is on rolling out production. The understanding I have is that they have been producing cars on the production line for around a month. The question is when are the cars coming off the line going to go to customers and how fast they are ramping up.
Initial thoughts are they would ramp up faster than the S did.
Is the bottleneck supplier issues? Is it just getting the production line tweaked to run right?
Looking forward to start seeing owners pick up their cars coming off the line.

carlk | 02. Oktober 2015

Is the bottleneck supplier issues? Is it just getting the production line tweaked to run right?

Well you won't get the answer on this forum. Actually you won't get an answer anywhere.

We'll find out when early sig holders start to report progress.

koivan | 02. Oktober 2015

I was at the factory tour on Tuesday, the morning of the reveal. The line that is reserved for the X production is very quiet. I did not see much of action going on. Only a few people walking around. I saw a strip down model X that the tour guide said its for training purpose. So, tesla is still training people how to put it together. Production has not really started. Oh well, hopefully soon and keeping fingers crossed. | 02. Oktober 2015

I also wonder if the next 100 or so will go to stores. They will need one in every store at some point.

Kimscar | 02. Oktober 2015

@carlik you are right on getting any knowledgeable answers on the supplier issues and production line issues directly. However as we start counting VIN numbers of the cars coming out we will get an idea on wither this is going smoother than the S or not.
@TeslaTap as much as I want to see one in the store I was thinking that is probably some time out as I would want to fill orders and get the backlog and wait time down. Also look good on the books. Not sure if they can count the cars for the store. Maybe if they go to the store that is how to get one quick. Buy the demo after it is available.

Mark Z | 02. Oktober 2015

I did receive a new "Your order has been modified" email with last week's change to the Six Seat Interior. Perhaps they waited until the Model X Launch Event was over to allow those who may have changed their minds to call Tesla Motors.

Mark35 | 02. Oktober 2015

With a backlog of about 25-30K, TM doesn't needed to build any MX for their stores to drive up sales. And it would also mean configuring the assembly line to produce both Signature and Store versions. It would need more efficient for them to complete all the Signature MX first, then fyi a run of Store Edition MX, then the Regular Edition MX.

madodel | 02. Oktober 2015

Just placed my order. Now the next wait begins.

Your Model X
Model X P90D
All-Wheel Drive
Signature Red Multi-Coat Paint
20" Silver Wheels
Ultra White Seats
Dark Ash Wood Décor
Black Alcantara Headliner
Six Seat Interior
Tesla Red Brake Calipers
Autopilot Convenience Features
Premium Interior and Lighting
Smart Air Suspension
Ultra High Fidelity Sound
Subzero Weather Package
Tow Package

Model X Sig #1096

tycharley | 02. Oktober 2015


How much?

madodel | 02. Oktober 2015


Same as everyone else who ordered every option except for Ludicrous Mode. $133,750 + $1,200 Destination and Doc fee + tax.

Model X Sig #1096

NumberOne | 02. Oktober 2015

I think that all of the Sigs and a number of the non sig production cars will be delivered before they go to stores. Part of the rationale would be people have been waiting a long time. I personally have waited since 2012, and they know that owners like myself will show the car to people. I do not really like showing off, but there is no question that this car is going to attract a lot of attention. When I have mine, I will even offer to take it to the store if someone really wants to see it.

ryszardmoss | 02. Oktober 2015


My local Tesla store (Bethesda MD) has just been told it will get its X in December.

Mark Z | 02. Oktober 2015

Mark35 - And may I add one other reason Model X should not be in the stores. What if they were to sell some to the customers. Those waiting in line would be extremely upset.

If Tesla were to provide the new décor materials and Ultra White Seats leatherette material for buyers to see at the stores, that would help a lot. I did like the feel of the Ultra White synthetic in Elon's Model X. Visiting the Tesla stores with the current choices available does help. Visiting their outdoor sales locations like Costa Mesa or Buena Park is even better. How many choose the beauty of black leather inside an air-conditioned mall to be surprised after their magnificent Model S is outside on a sunny day. Thankfully we have an app for that. Just turn on the A/C remotely and let the interior cool down.

David Trushin | 02. Oktober 2015

They started delivering the model S in june and delivered 2500 by tge end of the year. I expect the total of Xs tobe ubder 1000.

geemoney3135 | 02. Oktober 2015

My local Tesla store told me they would not be getting a car in the store until the end of the year as well. Actually makes sense as their backlog is so large that siphoning off cars for the stores would probably anger those res holders from 2012.

NumberOne | 02. Oktober 2015

@David Trushin Elon has said on a few occasions that the ramp up for the Model X will be significantly better than what was the case with Model S. Circumstances are very different now. There could be other reasons for a slower ramp up, but there is no comparison.

I would not speculate too much, but it is not unreasonable to expect 3-5k by year end, provided that production has started/will start soon. Only time will tell, but considering the capacity of the line it is not unreasonable to expect about 800 per week by December.

Auto P85 | 02. Oktober 2015

Maybe I am being selfish, (Res.# 7200) but I will not feel comfortable ordering my MX until I drive it. So I am hoping they provide 100 out of the first 1000 cars (10%) to the stores so everyone can see and drive the car before finalizing orders. I personally will be giving up my MS for the MX so I want to sit in and drive the MX before making that final decision. It will be hard to give up my MS, but I am hoping the decision will be easy once I see and drive the MX.

NumberOne | 03. Oktober 2015

As a matter of interest, Line 1 is capable of producing 1,000 produced around 827 Model S cars per week during Q3. The total produced included stated deliveries of 11580 vs the 11507 of Q2 and also included the 6 Model X vehicles that were delivered. The other cars that were used for test drives during the event were not counted. Line 2 is capable of producing 2,000 cars per week, and the staff has significantly more experience. Line 2 also includes a lot more robots, so there are several reasons to be positive.

Red Sage ca us | 03. Oktober 2015

The only actual 'bottleneck' that Tesla Motors will face for the first 1,200 or so Model X that they Deliver will be extreme levels of Quality Assurance at every single possible point of assembly.

Pungoteague_Dave | 05. Oktober 2015

Model X is a unicorn. An ego-driven impractical unicorn. No "real" functional production X exists yet. Falcon Wing doors are not working reliably, may never get there, and are the Achilles heel. 13 seconds is an eternity for opening sequence, and double that for open/close cycle. This company cannot get its S door handles to work reliably after three years of production, yet it hopes to get articulated doors working right on the X? So far, no evidence that they've been able to pull it off. Even if they eventually work perfectly, a lot of soccer moms in the preschool drop-off queue will be embarrassed at how long the door sequence delays the Volvo and Benz SUV drivers behind them. Design trumped function, yet excluded comfort and convenience, key elements for any SUV or minivan. Silly vehicle.

Ankit Mishra | 05. Oktober 2015

I think you have been out of the loop for some time. Tesla has delivered 6 of these "unicorns" during the reveal event. FWD not working properly? Again it seems you have pulled this line out of thin air as all the media outlets were positive about the falcon wing doors. Well I count about 6 seconds for the doors opening. Have you even seen the launch video? The doors handles being a mechanical feature will have failures. There is not a single product made by humans that doesn't fail at some point of time. I can understand that you may think that Model X is a not a good vehicle but please don't call it silly. It sounds very immature.

Kimscar | 05. Oktober 2015

@PD I posted this thread to see where they are at in getting to a smooth production run. You are showing quite a negative view for a person that doesn't work at Tesla and doesn't have inside information. I believe that they have worked out the issues on the doors. Still this car is more complex and I will be happy to see cars rolling off the line to buyers.
My P85 has never had door handle problems since I picked it up July 10 2014

eric.zucker | 05. Oktober 2015

@Pungoteague_Dave: Nothing silly that I see in the Model X. And I'm a reservation holder. I find the Falcon Wing doors will prove quite practical in my usage scenarios. I don't mind the opening/closing times as seen on the videos, I read 6 seconds. First deliveries showed very smooth vehicles, nicely finished. Nothing of the sort your comments suggest.

Well, to each his fancy, you're free to not like the Model X. No need to flame it down if your only gripe is not being able to afford one.

darlin | 05. Oktober 2015

The doors have 2 speeds, and the one you are quoting, is the something near by speed. They actually go as fast as any mini-van door if the opening is clear.

eric.zucker | 05. Oktober 2015

I thoughtI read line 1 and 2 combined would put out 1'800 vehicles per week.

Let's just hope Tesla gets their supplier issues sorted out, that parts arrive in both quality and quantity and they can begin rolling those X's off the factory floor. The sooner I get mine the happier.

Gert van Veen | 05. Oktober 2015

Any news from sig reservation holders in Europe?

EVino | 05. Oktober 2015

P_D is a dose of analytical reality, and when he shows up you know it. His opinion is strong, frustrated by his love for Tesla.

P_D will have a blog about driving his X next winter and he'll be all right then. :)

Red Sage ca us | 05. Oktober 2015

Pungoteague_Dave: So, how do you really feel? Your protests read like a four-year-old saying, "I don't like apples, so bananas are bad!"


eric.zucker: I'm fairly certain he can afford the Model X, but would much rather there was a Model P crew cab dual motor all-wheel-drive dually pickup truck with Class IV towing capability available from Tesla Motors instead.

carlk | 05. Oktober 2015


Even if they eventually work perfectly, a lot of soccer moms in the preschool drop-off queue will be embarrassed at how long the door sequence delays the Volvo and Benz SUV drivers behind them.

How do you know how soccer moms would think? This is exactly what the women's rights people complain that men want to decide what it good for women. I actually have been talking with a few soccer moms and the univeral response is I want it.

Design trumped function, yet excluded comfort and convenience, key elements for any SUV or minivan. Silly vehicle.

Silly comment. The function is there only because it's necessary to provide the BEST comfort and convenience for a CUV. And no question it's a resounding success after facts were learned from the demo. Just get out talk to people and read all the reviews.

mjt.private | 05. Oktober 2015

Come on guys! It's hard to argue that falcon doors make good sense over powered sliding doors.

Sliding doors are cheaper and easier to engineer, and don't even need 1ft of space.
However they don't have the sci-fi like impact. This is showmanship not sensible engineering.

SamO | 05. Oktober 2015

@PD has let his fingers get ahead of his brain before.

Remember when swap was impossible . . .I'd rehash the thread, but he'd just delusionally claim that the working battery swap station in Harris Ranch proves he's been right all along that swap is impossible.

P.S. Just shut your taco hole or you'll be forced to eat another helping of crow.

Ankit Mishra | 05. Oktober 2015

FWD creates a bigger opening than sliding doors. It has said been before that the reason for FWD is not because Tesla is making Star Trek but its for easy access.

PXChanel | 05. Oktober 2015

I just timed the Model X falcon wing doors opening and closing on the video of Elon at he Model X launch event. I timed the opening to be 6 sec and 7sec, both times I did it. Where did you get your idea that 13 sec was the lenght of time? Perhaps that was a prototype, and TM has upgraded the system. I am happy with this time frame, and perosonally don't think this is too long of a time period.

carlk | 05. Oktober 2015


Does sliding door also move the roof away so you can easily walk into the back or stand there to seat your kids? Give me a break!

eric.zucker | 05. Oktober 2015

My wife has the sliding doors- often it's a pain more than a help. Falcon Wings win.

7thGate | 05. Oktober 2015

Can you manually push the doors up and out of the way to get out faster? 6 seconds is a really long time to wait for a door to open.

carlk | 05. Oktober 2015

Why you need to push? You can get out when the door is half way up if you want to. Althoug I don't think anyone is in such a hurry that he does not have that 3 extra seconds to spare. Moreover you can't open regular doors so fast in a park lot unless you don't mind the door hitting the next car anyway.

NumberOne | 05. Oktober 2015

This topic was hit by a falcon wing, but I will chime in too. The door takes only 3 seconds to close sufficiently close for you to safely pull forward without the possibility of anyone getting hit by the door. Also, as far as the time it takes for the door to open, my kids take about five times longer just to unbuckle themselves, and they are both over the age of 8. The same goes for belting themselves in, so the speed of the door opening and closing is almost irrelevant in the drop off line.

Batman | 05. Oktober 2015

Some desperate shorts are bashing everywhere, including this forum. P_D is one example. I have seen those similar sentences on many places, especially on Yahoo stock message board. They don't care about the cars. They just want to see Tesla fail so they can recoup the loss on their short positions.

oragne lovre | 05. Oktober 2015


I'm not sure if you compare apple-to-apple. We're talking about an SUV (or crossover depending on how you see it), not a van. Can you recall an existing SUV with sliding doors?

danej | 05. Oktober 2015

There are basically three door options - the two traditional ones, and this new "falcon wing".

Traditional SUV/sedan, swing doors. These work poorly with kids, because they swing them open and hit other cars, and they can be challenging in tight spaces. But they're traditional on SUVs and sedans, and they're part of what makes that genre. This would have been the adequate choice.

Traditional minivan, sliders. They work great with kids, easy access for bucking, they don't swing out and hit adjacent cars, and are generally motorized so you just pushbutton close them once the kids are in or out. But, and here's the bad part: they're traditional on minivans, and Tesla is culturally NOT going to make a damned minivan.

Tesla went a third route, with the falcon wings. These have the practicality for kids and tight spaces that the minivan sliders have without automatically turning the vehicle into a minivan. Because no one wants that.

As a huge huge bonus for Tesla, EVERY time you open the doors the public will take note, "oh, there's another one of those Tesla things." They are likely to be as effective in marketing awareness of the Tesla as tens of thousands of billboards would be.

So while owners might be annoyed by slow opening times, they'll enjoy the minivan-like access, and be unwitting promotion for Tesla at every passenger loading event.

(Sorry to carry on off topic!)


Chunky Jr. | 05. Oktober 2015

I wouldn't be surprised if software updates reduced the amount of time it takes to open/close the FWDs. As they get more experience with the doors in real life, they can tweak the software that controls the motors.

NumberOne | 05. Oktober 2015

Actually P_D has been an S owner for some time but the Model X clearly is not what he hoped. Fortunately for me it is everything that I have been hoping for and more. When I mage my reservation Autopilot was not even a whisper yet, and a 90kWh battery pack was out of the question. It is kind of annoying when people bash the company. Most people have not had problems with the Door Handles on their Model S. Clearly P_D has, otherwise he would not have mentioned it.

As for reporters saying the FW doors did not align properly, cite the source, because I have not seen as much as one photo or video showing that.

To all the critics: Go and build a better car. If you can, I am sure you will not have trouble finding buyers.

carlk | 05. Oktober 2015

PD thinks he's smarter than Elon on everything from engineering to finance (yes he does run a small oyster farm). That should tell you his intelligence level. Hint: his guess is opposite everyone else's.