Help! (With Carbon Fiber)

Help! (With Carbon Fiber)

Trying to nail down my config and badly need help from carbon fiber owners! From the samples in the stores (placed in the car) it seems to be clear and pronounced straight on, but any trim to the right of the touchscreen seems to lose all definition and looks almost like blank matte grey. Couldn't tell in a million years it's CF--looks more like leather from the appearance. I recognize that a driver won't be staring over there much, but still. Is this a sample/store lighting issue or is this the case in real life too? Also saw it in the Westchester County mall parking garage (a garage, but lit up) and could barely see it. Again, any real world comments? I'll be going with the tan leather. Thanks!

walla2 | 12. Dezember 2012

My carbon fiber accents in my black leather car look great. Every "man" that has ridden in the car loves it. Looks good from all angles and doesn't look like matte grey from anywhere in the driver's seat or rear.

john.m.hennessey | 13. Dezember 2012

I am really happy with my cf and black interior, as well as the cf spoiler. I highly recommend.