How many Model S cars have been produced out of the 5000 for the year. 6-22-12 to 7-5-12, ball park figure would nice?

How many Model S cars have been produced out of the 5000 for the year. 6-22-12 to 7-5-12, ball park figure would nice?

How many Model S cars have been produced out of the 5000 for the year. 6-22-12 to 7-5-12, ball park figure would nice?

Sudre_ | 05. Juli 2012

Try this thread:

it is pretty much the same thing. No one really knows for sure.

jbunn | 05. Juli 2012


Brian H | 05. Juli 2012

Unknown. Demo/test drive cars for stores seems likely to have taken the most recent output. Don't know if that counts, or not!

normmalcolm | 05. Juli 2012

I'm afraid the number of cars produced since 6/22 must be low or Tesla would be talking about their production. I am hoping the stock price goes up enough to get those who shorted the stock to have to buy in to cover their shorts. Well see1

jbunn | 05. Juli 2012

Assume the cars on the 22nd were done one week early. Then assume 1 per day for now. But who knows. I can check vin in seattle this weekend.

Brian H | 06. Juli 2012

Maybe the Founder-guinea-pigs have found a fatal flaw and it's being re-engineered and they're waiting for new dies from the Far East and ...

Nah. Just making test drive vehicles to ship to stores.

Crow | 06. Juli 2012

Is there a reason we are assuming the test drive cars are the latest cars to be produced? Without thinking about it much, I assumed that they would have been produced before the founders' cars. Aren't the test drive cars "RC's"?

Teoatawki | 06. Juli 2012

12, AFAIK.

Apparently The 2 Google founders got theirs after the 6/22 event.

Brian H | 06. Juli 2012

The volume. ~20 stores x 4 cars ea. = 80 cars. That's a lot of catch-up to do.

pilotSteve | 06. Juli 2012

I applaud Tesla for owning the first 80-ish cars themselves for test drive vehicles. Certainly there are glitches that they can more easily excuse/hide/fix while that fleet is driven lots over the next 30 days than owner delivered cars would be.

Not that it makes it any easier waiting for ours.......

Andrew18 | 07. Juli 2012

I do not beleive they will ramp up now. They will likely go from zero to 80 all at once soon.

Brian H | 07. Juli 2012

As noted on another thread, the few Founders' deliveries on June 22 was just the tip of the iceberg. There are up to 100 Founders, so those are also being covered about now. Wonder how many have gone out!

Crow | 08. Juli 2012

@Brian H,
I haven't seen anything to suggest they are putting 4 cars in each store. Where did you see that? | 08. Juli 2012

When I inquired at the Tesla store in Park Meadows a few days ago they said there would be 4 cars for the get amped drive event. Maybe that is where the 4 car number came from?

Brian H | 08. Juli 2012

Arghh, I have a faint "audio" memory of it being stated, somewhere; otherwise just a SWAG, I guess. It would need to be more than one, I think, just so different interiors and colours could be shown.

Teoatawki | 08. Juli 2012

If the Bellevue Square store loses its "skateboard" it can probably hold 2 plus perhaps another out in the mall proper. In the long run, 2 in the store plus whatever publicity/test drive cars they need is probably about it.

MandL | 09. Juli 2012

I haven't been to any of the other stores, but in DC there is really only room for two cars, possibly three.

Brian H | 09. Juli 2012

Possibly the display cars are not the ones that will be used for test drives, and they will be held elsewhere, and brought to the store as needed/on demand from a nearby depot? If the display cars are inside a mall, taking them out for test drives might not be workable, anyway.

jbunn | 09. Juli 2012

Santana Row in San Jose is the same size as Belevue.

Both locations have dedicated space in the adjacent parking structures for 3 to 6 vehicles.

kjwcanary | 09. Juli 2012

For what it's worth, I was told by one of the Tesla staff at the Seattle test drive event, that they have been producing a car a day, since June 22nd. He may have been giving the official line, but he seemed sincere in his answer.

Rod and Barbara | 09. Juli 2012

Where are the estimates for the number of Founders Series cars coming from? We have a friend awaiting delivery of a Founders Series car in the high teens and he thinks he may be near the end of the Founders Series group.

Teoatawki | 09. Juli 2012

For those of you who have not seen the Bellevue Square store, I can assure you that any car on display in or in the mall near the store is not available for test drives.

When a car is brought to the store it is brought in through a loading area near the JCP at the extreme south end of the mall. A crane then lifts it up onto the second level. The car is then driven just past the center of the mall to the Tesla store.

It should come as no great surprise that this is done in the dead of night.

Tesla229 | 11. Juli 2012

Just got the word....."The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature Performance!" (P229)


Brian H | 12. Juli 2012

Since they do one a day, yours should be done tomorrow (July 12), right? ;)

Tesla229 | 12. Juli 2012

Brian H,

GOD! I only wish! Can't wait for them to start bugging me to take delivery......

kelly | 15. Juli 2012

I finalized my paperwork and order after the Test Drive LA event (first week of July) and I was told by my delivery rep that production would be ramping up from 1 car per day to 5 cars per day during the month of July. I assume they are only producing cars M-F, but don't know that for sure. He also said production was actually ahead of schedule (which doesn't mean much to me except that it sounds as though things are going according to plan). As of now my estimated delivery date is in October. I don't remember my original Sig Reservation number, but I think it was #619 (+/-).

Assuming 21 work days in July and an estimated average "3" cars per day, that would total 63 production cars for July + an estimated 10 production cars in June...that's 73. So, with that said I'd guess they have a goal of finishing production on the first 100 cars by the end of July.

I am excited to see the first production car "out in the wild" and I can only assume that will happen before I take delivery of mine as I'm in the Orange County area. These next few months will no doubt drag by, but the end result will certainly be worth the wait! Go Tesla!