How will having a Model S change your driving habits?

How will having a Model S change your driving habits?

I was actually thinking about this after my visit to the Santana Row event and my cross country trip. I figure for my daily driving not much will change as I only have a 20 min commute so the electricity I burn going 75 MPH will easily be recovered every night. But on long trips I can definitely see my driving changing, especially because there will be a point where driving faster actually gets you there slower since you will have to recharge more often. I'm sure someone far better at math will be able to tell us what that tipping point will be. But I wonder does anyone else see their driving habits changing after they get their S?

gagliardilou | 05. Oktober 2012

I will be buzzing around faster because the utility company in my state has free charging until Jan 2015. It will cost me nothing to drive the car for 2 years. | 05. Oktober 2012

Live in Denver-- I drive in & over the mountains frequently. There are a quite a few roads that I plan to do in my S once Spring arrives. I will also do a roadtrip to Moab. So many great roads.....However, I don't think I'll be retracing my roadtrip from Seattle to Alaska in my S. BC and the Yukon have plenty of bears but few gas or charging points.

Captain_Zap | 05. Oktober 2012

I'll do Sunday drives again.

jbunn | 05. Oktober 2012

Wy wife and I each have our own cars which we hardly every swap. We'll now start taking the Tesla based on whoever has the most driving to do in a day. Whoever sticks closest to home gets the ICE. Longest drive gets the Tesla. Trying to save on gas.

Brian H | 06. Oktober 2012

So, you'll both be inventing excuses to run distant errands? ;)