Ignite Talk on Tesla Psychosis (video)

Ignite Talk on Tesla Psychosis (video)

The theme of Ignite Talks is: Enlighten Us, But Make it Quick

Each speaker has 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds for a total time of 5 minutes. When I attended Foo Camp this year, I was asked to give an Ignite Talk. Naturally, I gave mine on Tesla Psychosis: (video)

If you don't know what Foo Camp is, it's the academy awards of unconferences for geeks - except that there are no awards, or hotel rooms: - there were three Model S owners at Foo Camp this year :)

Code4Ever | 17. August 2013

Was the blue tesla parked outside FOO your sisters ? There were people waiting to ask the owner of that for a ride. I kept checking out that one and their was insanely modified mercedes and a battery powered blue custom made car that was all electric that was the coolest thing there too.

Brian H | 18. August 2013

All this oil-hate is kind of spoiled-child juvenile. Oil saved the whales and forests, and directly and indirectly responsible for the bulk of the standard of living and comfort and even products that we depend on. Yes, you too.

leilanimunter | 18. August 2013

@Code4Ever no the blue one was DJ's! Tim has a brown one.

leilanimunter | 18. August 2013

@Brian H - I was at the BP oil spill in a boat and saw nothing but crude oil floating from horizon to horizon. There were dead animals floating in the oil. Exxon fought paying the people of Alaska who lost their livelihoods due to the Exxon Valdez spill. BP is doing the same. All oil companies do this, every single one of them. Big oil spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on lobbyists in DC to prevent clean energy legislation. So yes, I am angry. I will continue to fight them, and fight to have their oil subsidies taken away. They have enjoyed their global domination for far too long. It's time to move on - renewable energy is our future.

leilanimunter | 18. August 2013

@Code4Ever I wish I had mine there, I would have taken everyone for rides! Mine is still in the factory being built. Can hardly wait until she arrives!

Cindy I II III | 19. August 2013

@leilanimunter the beaches around the BP spills are now cleaner than most other beaches in America and around the world. Don't get me wrong, it's terrible that the spill happened. Meanwhile, I accidentally listened to an audio-book about oil history. Brian is right, the whale population was heading towards extinction when oil came onto the scene. It's fascinating to read what "experts" said then. My favorites include the statement that there's no oil in Texas (as the geology was different from that of Pennsylvanian where oil was first extracted in mass quantities), and listen to this - there's no oil in Arabia. Those statements seem to be so laughable now, but their relatives are alive and well. That's what's so exciting about Mr. Elon Musk - he's making all those so called "experts" wrong. And it feels great to help him by buying a Tesla and trying to sell as many as I can to friends and colleagues!

Timo | 19. August 2013

the beaches around the BP spills are now cleaner than most other beaches in America and around the world

As in void of life.

Sea is big, it hides huge amount of crap, but it too has limits. I hope we never meet those limits.

TeslaRocks | 19. August 2013


Maybe this is irrelevant, but your post reminded me that from time to time people ask Elon about a possible incentive for referring people, meaning almost a commission, gift, or bonus for selling cars to friends and colleagues. Obviously, that would add a useless cost to an already expensive item, which does not help, but reading the last lines of your post I realized it could also erode the credibility or at least the perception, for a lot of people. Without any direct personal gain in it for you when you tell friends and family about Tesla, it makes it easier for them to believe you and you don't run the risk of feeling funny about it, like you took advantage of someone. Everybody wins. You can still benefit, although more indirectly, by owning shares, and this way it will tell people that you believe so much in this product and company that you're willing to help them financially (but of course they'll help you). I actually hope Tesla never offers referral schemes, because it would taint the cause and you just have to go to a car dealership to see what commissions can do to the automobile industry. Tesla is different.

Brian H | 19. August 2013

au contraire. The native microbes that have been feeding on oil seeps forever got a boost from the spill, and all the way up the food chain. The mortality from the spill was minor compared to that.

frmercado | 19. August 2013

@ Brian

I don't think anyone here is blaming the oil(very useful inanimate fossil substance that has outlived its use as an energy source/fuel).

I think it is clear that the Oil Industry is the one that is being accused here.

Brian H | 19. August 2013

Not true. Both are foolishly accused. Ungrateful and childish.