Insider Info - Model X

Insider Info - Model X

I am a Model S 85 owner. I feel bad for all you guys that have reserved the Model X and are just waiting to get your car. Heck, my 4 month wait was painful...I can't image not knowing any time frame.

Anyway, I have some info that may help the pain. My father works for Kraft Foods as a Mechanical Engineer in Springfield MO. He has a friend that worked with him and now works for the Tesla plant. His friend found out that I recently bought a Model S and in their conversation, he was told by his friend, that they are in the process of adding 500 new robots for the Model X line.

There you have it. Looks like maybe things will start moving along now.

I don't have any other info, nor will I give out any names. The X will be here before you know it...well, that is a little far fetched, but I would think before the summer months.

NumberOne | 20. Januar 2015

Are you sure it was not your father's friend's cousin's great uncle's friend's grandfather's grand nephew's friend that was the source of this info? I too hope for before the summer, but I will be quite pleased if I get it before Cameron Diaz's birthday.

I live in a state where one has to pay a tax for the privilege of owning a car, every year, based on the value of said vehicle. The first $20k is taxed at 2% and everything above that at 4%, every year, for as long as you own the car. The first year is especially rough because it is based on the initial cost before any depreciation. The nice thing about getting the car later in the year, is the pro rated tax. If I get the car at the end of August, I will pay only 1/3 of the total tax for the first year. The next year I will have to pay for the full year, but at least the taxes are not due until October.

ian | 20. Januar 2015

Not surprising news. In fact, it falls in line with what Tesla said they would do in the Q3 shareholder letter I quoted in another thread.

Basically, they are adding another body line that will, at first, be dedicated to the production of the Model X. Along with the upgraded final assembly line they shut the factory down last summer to install, this will allow them to ramp up to 2000 vehicles a week by the end of the year.

The shareholder letter I referenced can be found here:


raffael s. | 20. Januar 2015

Sorry @LeonardD but that is the most stupid, way of taxation i have ever heard! where are you from? And what happens, if you buy a used car? Do you buy the price you payed? What if i sell you a 5$ model x combined a 100000$ hot dog? Is that possible? Or do you pay yearly taxes for the hotdogs, too? And what if you ate it on new years day? There are so many questions!!!

NumberOne | 20. Januar 2015

VA, and I agree that it is dumb. The public transportation here is very lacking, and one often needs a car just to get to it. If it were something like a boat or plane, that one can live without, I have no problem with it. With used cars it is the exact same thing, but the tax is always less on used cars because of the lower value. As soon as you register a car in your name they assess you and send you a bill. This is in addition to the one time sales tax.

mbcaffe | 20. Januar 2015

VA is so close to DC that it makes sense tat is dumb | 20. Januar 2015

I hope someone isn't confusing macaroni robots with Model S robots.

niels | 21. Januar 2015

I visited the Tesla factory yesterday and can confirm the 500 new robots, sitting on the floor waiting to beeing mounted into the new production line.
We also saw installation of a totally new assembly line, which we were told were dedicated dedicated the Model X.
And by occation we saw something that looked like a cardboard model of the X, running throug the assembly line of the Model S. Probably for testing that the line can handle the size of the Model X.

Still waiting - but please hurry up!

Model X sig. #536 Norway | 21. Januar 2015

Cardboard? Cardboard?
I am not paying good money for a cardboard car made by macaroni robots.
Unless if maybe the cardboard is made of recycled macaroni boxes.:-))

Napoleonblownapart | 21. Januar 2015

What? Cardboard Model Xs? DISPOSABLE! All right! Where do I sign?

NumberOne | 21. Januar 2015

That is very funny. Can I have one when they are done with it. That way I can see how the car will look in my garage! But seriously I am glad that @aarnold started this thread. I like joking about someone who knows someone who is related to someone who knows someone who actually saw something, but in truth, there is always someone who knows someone, so I just want to point out that aarnold info is not questioned, although all info on the forum should be taken with a grain of salt. (Or without it if you like it bland.)

jacksiart | 21. Januar 2015

Addition to the tax thread from Money Hungary California:
Not only do we pay a license tax yearly, we also pay sales tax - and it applies to used vehicles as well as new! The only way to reduce the sales tax is to lease whereby you pay tax only on the amount of your monthly payment - works if you aren't going to keep the car too long.

vperl | 21. Januar 2015

All any can say is, "coming soon" .

Brian H | 21. Januar 2015

Every product now in production was "coming soon" a little while ago.

Iowa92x | 21. Januar 2015

Coming soon for Tèsla means 30 days to three years, somewhere in that range.

teslabayarea | 21. Januar 2015

When I went to the factory to pick up my Model S on December 31st, they had a ton of brand new robots, still in the plastic ready to be installed. They were also doing a lot of construction on various parts making room for the Model X manufacturing.

I would assume those machines should be up and running sometime in the near future and once the kinks are worked out, they can start building.

The robots are there though and they are getting ready so hopefully that means something.

vandacca | 22. Januar 2015

Imagine the paper-cuts a cyclist would get from a cardboard Model-X with open rear FW doors.

Brian H | 22. Januar 2015

Those are purely Teo-retical.

sbeggs | 22. Januar 2015


Good one!

vandacca | 22. Januar 2015

+2 @Brian_H | 22. Januar 2015

@Iowa92x: it is good to know that a phalanx of new robots is on the march in Fremont but I think we are all still suffering from your "30 days to three years" range anxiety.

jjs | 23. Januar 2015

+1 vandacca
+1 Brian H....OK +2 That was funny!
+1 george - Another, and quite appropriate, definition of range anxiety.

kwen197 | 29. Januar 2015

Is VA also the state that burns coal to make electricity?

NumberOne | 29. Januar 2015

VA actually uses nuclear power for 38% of its electricity needs. 5.5% comes from renewables at the moment, and is promoted at the utility level. There are no state incentives for homeowners for example to get solar. Coal does account for a small percentage but this is being reduced. Hydro-production accounts for about 20% and I would have thought that should be considered renewable, but there are other parts of that particular process that might not be.

Brian H | 31. Januar 2015

Hydro is excluded because it makes wind and solar look so bad. For realz.

vperl | 31. Januar 2015

Checkout the Bonneville Power Authority, we call it the BPA, out Columbia River way.

California buys loads of power from the BPA. GOOGLE built a huge storage facility next to one on the damns, got get power deal.