Insurance quotes

Insurance quotes

I recently bought a MS85 and my current insurance carrier (Mercury) has quoted me $2750 every 6 months which I believe is ridiculous..considering that I pay a total of $2100 for my other 3 vehicles (2009-2011 Lexus vehicles). Having a clean 34+ year driving record I believe this is highway robbery..

Have other owners had success w reasonable insurance rates in S. Cal? Perhaps Elon should start an insurance company that will help owners enjoy ( in my opinion ) one of the finest cars on the road.

PhillyMomof4 | 01. Januar 2014

I am waiting delivery of my S85 and haven't yet looked at how my insurance rate will be affected (I have geico). I live near Philadelphia. I've read posts by folks who have great quotes (someone was quoted $404 a year!!!) so yours is the highest I've seen so far. I am now getting worried. I already pay what I think is a fortune for my 3 cars. I'll be getting rid of one car when I get the Tesla.

Roamer@AZ USA | 01. Januar 2014
lvaneveld | 01. Januar 2014

I have insurance with Farmers for about $1200 per year as my primary driver.

Roamer@AZ USA | 01. Januar 2014

Rates with USAA on a P85+ and a S85. Both with lots of optional upgrades. Attached the rates and coverage to allow apples to apples comparison. I was surprised that the Tesla cost less than my BMW 760i.

I average about a 15% annual subscriber rebate so the rates shown are 15% high.

Roamer@AZ USA | 01. Januar 2014

Your rate quote looks like it came from

joer293 | 01. Januar 2014

Insurance for brand new car companies is all over the place, without statistics they don't know what to charge. But I would talk to a Tesla service center in your area before switching. Some insurance adjusters refuse to work with new car parts, like progressive and some others. If you need your car fixed,

I just purchased my p85, and I am shopping around too. Allstate is 2,600$ every 6 months for the tesla and my Acura. I have multi policy, safe driver 0$ disappeared deductible and home owners, but if they can't match competition, or at least the same ballpark. State Farm already quoted me saving 50% with same coverage, I just lose the new car replacement and my earned 0$ deductible. Other owners say both state farm and Allstate are top notch with regards to paying out when you need them to.

viranjit | 02. Januar 2014

Bay Area, with home and two other cars insured by State Farm. No chargeable accidents for six years.
Six month premium for P85 is $650.

PhillyMomof4 | 02. Januar 2014

We currently own 3 cars (2008 Sienna minivan, 2011 Prius, 2013 Prius V) and pay $4600/year for all 3 with GEICO. We live in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Just did a quick online quote to add a 2014 S85 and drop my minivan. My annual total premium will increase by $728, which is less painful than I expected. The Tesla alone is quoted at $1858 for the year.

But I still don't know why my total premium seems higher than so many others'. Is it because I live near Philly?

jordanrichard | 02. Januar 2014

It's fun, but useless to try and compare insurance rates. There are way, way too many variables even to get a general consensus. Here is one variable that even surprised me. I know someone that moved from Montana to MA and his insurance rates actually went down. This on the surface makes no sense. Going from a comparatively rural state to a relatively congested state. His insurance company said that there are far more people in Montana that have no car insurance at all, so his rates were higher to cover the inevitability that his company would have to cover all claim costs.

Whenever I consider a car purchase, I research the insurance costs ahead of time, taking that into account before deciding on a car. Too often people just focus on the car payment and don't take into consideration fuel costs, which apply here :-), and the insurance cost.

JeremiahJ | 02. Januar 2014

I have GEICO and they quoted me $900 for 6 months. I don't have the cleanest driving record (I drive fast).

Mathew98 | 02. Januar 2014

@PhillyMomof4 - Try to use affiliations from BJ's or Costo and get a 15% off their quotes.

My rate from Liberty Mutual (from BJ's) is $1000/year with full coverage and $250 deductible. The quotes from Geico and State Farm were at least 50% more.

Use @Roamer's link to view the different rates others have posted.

TslaRcr | 02. Januar 2014

Ramesh, I went through the same experience when I bought mine. AAA quoted me a similar high amount. I checked with other carriers and got like half of what AAA quoted me. I'm currently paying about $1100 a year in San Diego CA, for the highest level of coverage available.

The moral of the story - shop around.

PhillyMomof4 | 02. Januar 2014

Thanks for the tips. I might as well shop rates for the next 8 weeks while I wait for my car!

pjohnson23 | 02. Januar 2014

I live in Southern CA and was quoted High rates by AAA and some others. In the end Geico was the cheapest. It was around $1200 for the entire year for the S85. AAA quoted me $2500 for the year. They didn't even have the different types of cars in the system. The price was the same for the S85 or the P85.

P85D | 02. Januar 2014

I have Geico. It was cheap earlier in the year but with the high cost of even minor repairs rates are going up. Lock in your low rates now.

PatT | 02. Januar 2014

I have Safeco and just got my renewal -- $287.90 for liability; $148.20 for $500 deductible comp; $297.40 for $2k deductible collision. This is their price for 12 months and I had a $8,000 comprehensive claim in October after hitting a deer.

AndreyATC | 02. Januar 2014

Got a quote from Allstate
$50 less for 6 months than my 2013 Audi S6
At least it's not more

Brian H | 03. Januar 2014

I think the $404 was for liability only.

ajaymalhotra_1 | 03. Januar 2014

I pay 110 per month with Liberty Mutual, but about to switch to the Hartford which quoted 90 per month. 500 Deductible, 100/300 coverage + multi-car discount for both Liberty and Hartford. Live in CT. Have a MS 85 with most all upgrades except the child seats in the 3rd row.

jackhub | 03. Januar 2014

I have equal coverage on my 2005 Buick and my Tesla with State Farm. The insurance on the Tesla is less than on the 2005 Buick. I just renewed my Tesla insurance and the premium went down.

NKYTA | 03. Januar 2014

We are paying just a bit more than @viranjit here in the Bay Area through Farmers. There was a bit of a discussion when we got her, but with house and ICE vehicle it made the most sense.

dbullard | 04. Januar 2014

Ask your authorized Tesla body shop which is the easiest insurance company to deal with. Cheap rates often come with major hassles when you make a claim, as I'm finding out.

Many companies insure Teslas and have no idea how much it can cost to fix them if you have a scrape - then they try to get out of paying.

Just my $0.02 worth...