Any idea why this tab appeared in the home page:

Blank page for the time being.......

Listing of cars for sale "in inventory"?

Captain_Zap | 23. November 2012

Maybe the Roadsters that were traded in? Perhaps a good question for the new Tesla Moderator BB?

MB3 | 23. November 2012

Allowing people to cancel after finalizing their order? Pick one up pre-built without a wait? That would be cool.

nickjhowe | 23. November 2012

@Captain_Zap - I agree. Roadsters bought back against new Model S purchases. As stated on numerous occasions there are no plans for Model S inventory - until people start trading them in for Model X or otherwise want to unload.

Mocaptain | 23. November 2012

MB3 ,
I agree that would be cool but likely with roughly 8000+ others in the queue with locked in builds, there are going to be many duplicate orders which could be fullfilled. Allows Tesla to keep the list moving and deliver more promptly to the expectations of reservation holders whom are counting the days to the best potential deliver day for their model S.

Brian H | 23. November 2012

Just roughing it, and assuming Sig and its options are close off, I get almost 13,000 possible configurations. Minimum.

Brian H | 23. November 2012

typo: "are closed off, ..."

MB3 | 24. November 2012

mocaptain. Obviously they would get theirs first. Anyway, we'll see soon enough. | 29. November 2012

There is now a "used" black Tesla Roadster for sale at the Lone Tree Colorado store.