Iphone suddenly not playing music?

Iphone suddenly not playing music?

For whatever reason Iphone 5 suddenly doesn't work. I've deleted and repaired and still nothing? Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

DouglasR | 20. März 2013

Does it work outside of the car? Are you saying Bluetooth doesn't work?

mrjohnlnguyen | 20. März 2013

Phone works fine, can't hear music..

DouglasR | 20. März 2013

If you've already tried deleting the connection from BOTH the phone and the car, and then rebooting BOTH the phone and the car, you probably need to call Ownership and perhaps take it in. Could be a faulty antenna or something else.

brdunton | 20. März 2013

My Bluetooth has been very flaky as well. Constantly drops and required a reboot of phone to reconnect. Might take it to service center.

Vawlkus | 21. März 2013

I've actually had similar things happen with my iPhone 4. Generally the next software patch fixes it, but until then nothing will work. Even took it to an Apple store and they couldn't find any problems. Ditto the Ford dealer on the car end, they just wouldn't agree to play music FNAR. Weird thing was EVERYTHING else worked fine, just no music.