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It's UP! click on BLOG

Elon's service announcement is on the website, under /enthusiasts/blog.

joepruitt | 26. April 2013

It keeps getting better and better!

andex23 | 26. April 2013

I am impressed. it is more than I was expecting.

stevenmaifert | 26. April 2013

I am depressed. Last month I paid $3,800 for 8 years of prepaid maintenance to maintain the warranty that now I don't need to maintain.

jk2014 | 26. April 2013

Steve -- probably can get your money back now if you don't want it.

models60 | 26. April 2013

@Steve, they still recommend getting the service every year, just that it's not required for warranty to be valid. So, you can probably keep pre-pay option to get the service at lower price point.

sayidreddy | 26. April 2013

I love that service plans are now optional. It definetely makes more sense because Tesla kept on saying their cars were low maintenance and now their service plan reflects that. I do wonder how it will affect their balance sheet because I would imagine a lot of people who will forego a annual service plan that was orginially a $600/yr guaranteed source of revenue.

DouglasR | 26. April 2013

Clever. A lot of people will still pay the $600/$1900, but won't feel they are being bullied into it. I've always said the "void warranty" threat was unenforceable anyway, so this turns a lemon into lemonade.

riceuguy | 26. April 2013

I expect others may do what I suspect I will do, which is to now aim to bring it in once a year, whether that's at 12,500 miles, 15,000 miles, etc. so as to not burn through 4 years of service in say 3 years of mileage!

Brian H | 26. April 2013

TM needs to articulate what benefit an owner can now see from the service plans on their own right, ignoring warranty issues.

DouglasR | 26. April 2013

@Brian - Exactly! I never thought much of the warranty argument, but I certainly think it's prudent to have a $100k piece of machinery looked at and spruced up now and then. The price is a bit high for what they will probably do, but then this is revolutionary technology, and I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on it.

Carefree | 26. April 2013

I really don't think that we have the basis for judging that the price is too high for the annual maintenance. I have signed up for the 4 year plan and have no intentions of canceling it.

This is a pretty sophisticated piece of engineering and maintaining it once a year seems very reasonable and so does the price.

Has anyone looked at hourly rates for skilled mechanics these days? Try to find any quality shop that charges less than $100/hour. I am sure Tesla will easily spend 3 hours on our cars plus some parts and you are quickly at $475.

jjaeger | 27. April 2013

I am on the same page w/ carefree & riceuguy. Signed up for the 4yr package and have been debating adding the 2nd 4 (I always keep my car 10+ yrs). Have 4 days left to do so - and will move to 4+4 this weekend. But changing to once/year that as the annual check-up seems the best way to go. Will be interesting on the 7th or so check-up where the miles have clicked over the limit if they try to enforce that, or provide the 7th and 8th check-up on the plan.

KendallPB | 28. April 2013

I signed up for 4+4 a while ago and don't regret it, but I'm happy with this change in general. In another 10 years, who knows, but I'm sure I'll want some kind of maintenance/service even then. But now, when it's a whole new ball game? I can't see not getting regular service from the carmaker itself, Tesla Motors.

Robert22 | 28. April 2013


Isn't once/ year the original recommendation? What are you changing from?

jjaeger | 28. April 2013

Robert22 - miles will exceed 12.5K per yr, so they may say 'you're done' when miles hit the limit - and I'll retort that I still have my 7th and 8th check-ups to go:-)