It's official...The Model S is Motor Trend's Car of the Year!!!

It's official...The Model S is Motor Trend's Car of the Year!!!

RAFellows | 12. November 2012

They made the right choice. It truly fits the ideal of the "Car Of The Year"!

TheAustin | 12. November 2012

For sure...I wonder if this is the accolade that finally gets the Model S to break more openly with the general public?

Tiebreaker | 12. November 2012


Forks at Tesla: Congratulations! Well deserved!

pbrulott | 12. November 2012

Very cool indeed!

PS 2012 MT COTY competition rated Fisker Karma too much of a preproduction model to be rated...

Hogfighter | 12. November 2012

Stating what we all knew already. Congratulations Tesla.

TheAustin | 12. November 2012

WOW...He said it was unanimous! THAT is impressive!

Scorch | 12. November 2012

WTG Tesla!!! Winning.

Leofingal | 12. November 2012

Congratulations Tesla - this will be great for the company and for the wider industry. It is exactly what the Model S was designed to do for Electric cars.

teslaver | 12. November 2012

yay! been waiting since couple days to hear this!

Captain_Zap | 12. November 2012

And it's unanimous. Congratulations Tesla! Thank you for your hard work!

David M. | 12. November 2012

Who dat??

They will know for sure now. I can see it now, front cover on at least a half dozen magazines. This is simply amazing!!!!!


Gator | 12. November 2012

Wow. 3 major COTY wins this month. Awesome. | 12. November 2012

I enjoyed Elon's comment that Romney had the subject correct but the object wrong when he called Tesla a loser. Is there a "company of the year" award Tesla can win too?

JMO | 12. November 2012

I am picking up my Model S tomorrow... will celebrate Motor Trend's Car of the Year award with a brand new TESLA woooohooooo

Congratulations to all the people at TESLA.....

Carl Barlev | 12. November 2012

Tesla grin :)

nickjhowe | 12. November 2012

Tesla FTW! Congrats to the entire TM team.

Michael23 | 12. November 2012

Congrats tesla! celebrate away and get excited about making my car! :)

Ing_Qc | 12. November 2012

Good Job Tesla. I am just waiting for Gen III.

TINO F | 12. November 2012
Brian H | 12. November 2012

From the MSN site: "the first time in the award's history all 11 voted unanimously for the winner."

Awesome ... aside from the grammar blooper ('all 11' and 'unamimously' is redundant. ;p ).

GLO | 12. November 2012

Yeah Tesla! Can't wait for my car to arrive!!!! Job well done!

Andrew18 | 12. November 2012


Superliner | 12. November 2012

Anyone notice that almost all of the comments following the article were totally negative? Insisting that the Tesla is far too expensive and not widely available enough to have been the winner.

I'll give them the availability issue but as far as price?

sunnysailor | 12. November 2012

Go Tesla!! Congrats on all your hard work.

Superliner: Perhaps a discussion as to the lower cost of the smaller battery pack and the future development of the Gen III which will be much more affordable. I just posed a similar commentary on the MT comments.

sandman | 12. November 2012

Congratulations Tesla Motors! A lot of hard work paying off for employees, investors, and dreamers!!! Fantastic!!!

Celebrate for a day and then please please please do not rest on these laurels. They are but a portion of what is needed to confirm success! The hard work is not over. Listen to your customers and your hearts, then continue to improve. For the competition has now been roused and they have the FULL support of government, labor unions, and oil and gas industry.

p.s. a few too many celebratory glasses of adult beverage... apologies for the drama :)

Brian H | 12. November 2012

Anyone attend the NY TM event? What was that all about; anything besides the MT win?

s_curve | 12. November 2012

I played no role whatsoever in building this car and I'm so excited I can hardly think. I can only imagine the excitement level in Fremont right now.

nwdiver93 | 12. November 2012

Congratulations TESLA!

Hey shorts!... The tide is receding... guess what comes next!

TikiMan | 12. November 2012


petero | 12. November 2012

Come on people, is this really a surprise? We have been waiting 2-3 years for two things- our "S" and vindication for years of Teslababble! How sweet it is!!!!!!

john.m.hennessey | 12. November 2012

@Brian the MT award was definitely the main event. They streamed the event to all their facilities, so it was also an opportunity for George and Elon to speak to and congratulate their employees.

Gator | 12. November 2012

TSLA Stock up 3.8% $1.18 in after hours trading.

Kariwood | 12. November 2012

Congrats to the TESLA team!

StephRob | 12. November 2012

When I found out it won COTY I felt like giving my car a hug!!

TheAustin | 12. November 2012

StephRob...Mine won't be here until January (P2009)...Can I come hug yours?! ;)

stuberman | 12. November 2012

2013 RED?

Isn't the car pictured in the Motor Trend article a 2013 Red one? I understand why Motor Trend wanted photographs of 2013 red. I just wish that Tesla would allow us to order that color now.

bradslee | 12. November 2012

Tesla = Silicon Valley innovation, world class execution and visionary leader's dream. Congratulations! Being a Tesla shareholder and a customer of Model S being built, my hat is off to the Tesla team's amazing achievement!

BlackDynamiteOnline | 12. November 2012

Strange that it follows such a car as the VW Passat as last year's Motor Trend's COTY, a car without style, or innovation. It wasn't even the best car in it's class!

MT is very weird about that award. One year they just pick any car, then they next, they nail it.

The only thing those cars have in common is the award. It's like Carrot Top opening for The Rolling Stones......

TheAustin | 12. November 2012

For all the people saying/thinking "Of course the Model S was going to win!"...Aside, from what we've been suspecting based on the timing of the Tesla event and Motor Trend's set date to announce the award, I don't think this is an "Of course" moment at all...Well, for all of us it is! BUT...For a major automobile magazine that receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenues from the major established gasoline-powered vehicle manufactures, this represents a huge risk for them. Now, they looked that in the eye, and STILL got it right, which is huge...But they very easily could have given it a "Nice Effort" comment, and presented the award to the Accord, or the 911, or just about any of the others. They already gave the award to the Hybrid Chevy Volt in 2011, so they could have rested on their laurels and said "See, we gave some love to the electric (hybrid), and moved back into their comfort zone (and their bread-butter-ers)...But they didn't. They put their neck out there, and stood behind the best car our there, which also happens to be a fully-electric car. Kudos to Motor Trend, for their combination of bravado and great taste ;)

Volker.Berlin | 13. November 2012

I particularly like the fact that the accompanying article by Motor Trend is superior to most if not all articles that have been published about the Model S so far: It has much more depth and technical details than most, and yet is among the very few publications that do not have any obviously wrong facts or misconceptions. Thank you Motor Trend for a fine piece of journalism!

Volker.Berlin | 13. November 2012

TheAustin +1

tomas.hutters | 13. November 2012

Just fabulous, and extremely well deserved!
TheAustin +1, very much to the point.

noel.smyth | 13. November 2012

Was at the event last night, favorite parts:
Blankenship says this is not about this year or even next year, it's about our grandchildren......
Elon quote about who the loser is now (election reference)
Elon giving advice to my college bound son......priceless....

TheAustin | 13. November 2012

And, for what it's worth, I got an invite to the event, and ordinarily I would have gone...But I had a client presentation from 1-4, and I'm two hours outside of the NYC...I probably could have made it, but it would have been tight. Instead, I stayed home, and watched the live broadcast with my 6- and 9-year-old boys, who are almost as excited for this car as I am (P2009, just another couple of months to go...). I'm hoping that my eldest is old enough to remember that, when he was a kid, electric cars were viewed by people as a fringe alternative to gas-powered cars...Until we got out Model S :)

kalel65 | 13. November 2012

Congratulations to all at Tesla. Was at the New York event last night when the award was given and it's well deserved!

prash.saka | 13. November 2012

Well done.

Even nicer that the Model S did it without cup holders :)

~ Prash.

vouteb | 13. November 2012

Is the event on you tube?

Volker.Berlin | 13. November 2012
vouteb | 13. November 2012


(I still don t like GB's cheer leading style

Give me the more classy modest Elon any day

TikiMan | 13. November 2012

IMHO... The very fact that they choose the Model S based on real judging, and not biased payola (which is all to common in this day and age), gives Motor Trend the best integrity!

I have always bought the hard-copy of MT, and have for many years, because most of their reporting is very honust. This just proves again they have not sold-out to the ICE pushers.