It's time to build your Model S EUROPE

It's time to build your Model S EUROPE

Just got invitation. Sig #348 Europe!

Norbert.Vienna | 28. Januar 2013

congrats loco, which country you are from

sandman | 28. Januar 2013

Gratz loco!

Jovano | 28. Januar 2013

Are you a Roadster Owner ?

loco | 28. Januar 2013

I'm Polish. Not a roadster owner. Estimated delivery is Jun/Jul.

Jovano | 28. Januar 2013

I'm Belgium SIG #80 and no invitation yet !

Norbert.Vienna | 28. Januar 2013

suggest to contact Tesla if you got no invitation yet
especially to update your contact data
their files are a bit mixed up I found out some time ago
plstell us if that functioned or whats behind why you were not contactd yet

psirnes | 29. Januar 2013

Eu Sig 52 , Norway. No invittation so far

There are oher Norwegians with lower numbers than me

Have not heard of any from this country who has been invited yet ,

I am scanning regularliy this forum, TMC and,49.0.html

loco | 29. Januar 2013

I got the email at 7:01 CET today. Already finalized options. Now garage looks like this:

Happy that I am one of the first. Hope it's not a bug :D

tomas.hutters | 29. Januar 2013

Congrats loco!
To help clarify what is going on with the sequence, maybe you could let us know when you made your reservation?

I have talked to Tesla, and as I understand them, the Sig# is not indicative of the reservation order (thus not of the call to configure order). Sounds rather odd to me, but it would explain the irregularities we are seeing, with very low Sig# (I am 45, reserved Jan 2011) still in waiting position.

loco | 29. Januar 2013

Thomas, my reservation was 21.06.2012

psirnes | 29. Januar 2013

I recieved this answer from a Tesla represnetative today
"The configurations are made continously but with slightly different rules for each country and also with and without Roadster. Anyhow, you will get your cars at about the same time" (I guess he ment Signature owners) and "I think you will be invited to configure in short time "

tomas.hutters | 29. Januar 2013

Thanks Loco!
It seems obvious to me that they are bending the rules (first come, first serve), but never mind as long as it remains approximately ok (no Ps before the last Sig, please!), I do not mind. I hope they will focus on making the cars perfect and all of us happy.

jkirkebo | 29. Januar 2013

It seems to me they plan to put all the EU sigs on the same ship to Europe. Thus reservation # won't do anything for you except maybe the order of delivery from your local Tesla shop.

jeroens | 29. Januar 2013

@loco, did you take a test drive at an Get Amped event?

TRex | 29. Januar 2013

Sig.147 / Switzerland / Reserved October 2011.
Finalised and papers signed. My Garage tells me that they are building my car and will contact me 30 days prior to delivery. Estimated delivery June/July.

loco | 29. Januar 2013


I didn't test drive and was not invited to any event.

petmoell | 29. Januar 2013

Roadster owner in Oslo configured last week. Delivery "earliest in June"

Dewittekoen | 14. Mai 2013

just got the invitation to configure the P 85S. any indication how many weeks/months it takes from here to the delivery in Europe?