The Key to my S...

The Key to my S...

So, Im getting into the S to go for a Sunday drive with the better half. She stows her handbag in that unique center space where there once was a giant noisy hot transmission.

Here's the rub, we both have our keys with us.... Who does The S decide will sitting in the drivers seat? Will the seat positions and mirror settings and whatever else it " remembers" be hers or mine?

In our Prius the hands free has you register a "primary" user so if both are there the primary wins.

An interesting dilemma, if S is not more sophisticated who's car is it gonna be?! Yet one more conundrum life serves up eh?

MandL | 14. Juni 2012

For that matter, what if you're parked in a traffic jam in Miami in August, A/C off because you're trying to eek out an extra few miles on your charge and your wife decides it would be funny to turn your seat heater on high from her smartphone app?

BYT | 14. Juni 2012

Only I would do that, my wife isn't that fun! :)

Brian H | 14. Juni 2012

That might indeed make you "eek out a few extra miles"! But it would interfere with your effort to eke out better mileage.